Dodgers can't keep Padres out of their Mexican hat: San Diego wins on two home runs by Fernando Tatis Jr.

Fernando Tatis Jr. celebrates one of his two home runs by donning the charro hat they brought from Mexico.

Photo: Sean M Haffey/Getty Images

On his recent visit to Mexico City, the San Diego Padres were posing with a charro hat in their dugout every time someone hit a home run against the San Francisco Giants. The black hat with details in green, white and red - the colors of the Mexican flag - had been acquired by Fernando Tatis Jr.

This Friday in San Diego, Tatis Jr. put on his hat to celebrate happily and pose after his two home runs off Clayton Kershaw, leading the Padres to a 5-2 win on the Los Angeles Dodgers at the start of a steamy weekend series.

After winning the match, he came The other new trend of the Padres adopted in Mexico: the "piñata party" in their dressing roomthis time being Tatis Jr. the one in charge of breaking the piñata.

It was the first of six duels between these two Southern California powerhouses in a span of 10 days, as they will meet again the following weekend, this time at Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers entered the game riding a six-game winning streak after completing a perfect homestand, but their thirst for revenge against the team that eliminated them last October in one of the biggest recent postseason upsets was made even greater when they ran into a team equally on fire and full of talent.

To round off the Friday party, the Padres wore their colorful special edition “City Connect” uniforms whose goal is to show the mix of two cultures in their citywhich has a clear reference to neighboring Baja California.

Fernando Tatis Jr. achieves something unprecedented against Clayton Kershaw

No Padres player is more talented than Fernando Tatis Jr. The Dominican was the star of the night, first hitting a Kershaw fastball in the third inning to send the ball over the wall in center field to tie the score 1-1. .

Two innings later, Tatis found a runner on board and took advantage of a Kershaw slider that stayed in the middle of home plate to line the ball out over the wall to left, giving his team a 3-1 lead that would already be irreversible.

Tatis Jr., the first player to hit two homers twice in a single game against Kershaw, celebrated by donning his charro hat and then posing in the dugout for the now-accustomed Polaroid photo. which is another fashion of these fun Parents.

Kershaw (5-2), who had a spectacular April to be named the best pitcher in the National League for the month, lasted 4.2 innings, with 8 hits, 7 strikeouts, but 5 walks, a rarity. The four earned runs were the most he has allowed against the Padres in 46 times he has faced them.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - MAY 05: Clayton Kershaw #22 of the Los Angeles Dodgers walks to the dugout after being taken out of the game during the fifth inning of a game against the San Diego Padres at PETCO Park on May 05, 2023 in San Diego, Calif. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Clayton Kershaw leaves the game in San Diego after a poor performance. /Photo: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

And while the future Hall of Famer struggled in a packed Petco Park with 45,116 spectators and an electric atmosphere, San Diego starter Yu Darvish (2-2) of Japan did a very good job spacing out 4 hits in 6 .2 innings, with two runs (1 earned), 6 strikeouts and 1 walk. The Padres bullpen completed the job.

It was only the first duel and a preview of what will come in the following days and throughout the season. The Dodgers (19-14) and Padres (18-15) are sure to be legitimate World Series contenders, and their rivalry is turning out to be the most fun. of all the Big Top.

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