Documentary about 'Messimanía' will premiere in the US on October 11 | Video

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The documentary miniseries “Messi arrives in the United States”which shows the signing of the Argentine star for Inter Miami FC and its enormous media impact throughout the country, will premiere on October 11 in Apple TV+.

The platform released this Monday the trailer for this production of ssix episodes in total that will portray the first match of the winner of seven Ballon d'Ors with his new team, the reaction of the Miami soccer players to his arrival or the subsequent “Messimanía” that has been unleashed.

“My happiness has always been playing football and I will be able to continue doing it here”says the former player of the FC Barcelona in the trailer of this miniseries that will release its first three chapters at the same time on October 11.

Another of the familiar faces that appears in the preview is that of David Beckham co-owner of Inter Miami FC, who appears smiling after the signing and describes the former soccer player as Paris Saint-Germain as “one of the best players in the world.”

For many, even the best in history thanks to more than 20 seasons in the elite loaded with collective titles and individual recognitions.

He only needed to win a World Cup and last year he achieved it with the Argentina National Team in Qatar 2022. A milestone after which I wanted continue his career away from Paris.

He had offers to return to FC Barcelona and tempting economic approaches to reach the Saudi Pro League (Saudi Arabia)but finally decided to move to Miami and play in the Major League Soccer (MLS) of the United States.

“Messi arrives in the United States” will premiere its remaining three episodes in the coming months, still in production phasewhich could include How are you experiencing your current muscle injury? and the race against time Inter Miami FC for leaving the bottom of the table and access the MLS 'playoff'.

The executive production of this miniseries, which can be seen on the 100 countries where Apple TV+ provides service, is carried out, among others, by Tim Pastore and Matt Renner, awarded in 2019 with the Emmy for another sports documentary: “Free Solo”.

(With information from EFE)

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