Do you retire from the Mexican team? Javier Aguirre reveals disagreements of El Tri footballers who play in Europe

El Tri comes from losing to Qatar.

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The Mexican team has gone through very bitter moments in recent years. El Tri has had a complete divorce with the fans due to poor results. Criticism is a constant after each game of the Aztec team. This has meant that, according to Javier Aguirre, footballers do not want to attend the calls for Mexico.

Representing the national team of the native country is a dream that very few footballers can deliver. But with the criticism about the El Tri players this dream has turned into a worrying nightmareto the point that they have thought nor put on the Mexico shirt.

Players are susceptible to the media, to social networks. Cell phones are prohibited in the locker room. The players are like this (looking at the cell phone), at half time, no. This is going beyond us, the footballer is very sensitive (…) They have told me from Europe that they do not want to go to the national team, because it is suit after suit. I tell you that, 'You have to go son, it's your country, don't be ungrateful'. In the national team you have to have personality”, revealed Javier Aguirre in an interview with David Faitelson.

Results-oriented Mexican fans

When it seemed that the ship was beginning to straighten out with Jaime Lozano's first two games at the helm of El Tri, The criticism returned after the defeat of Mexico against Qatar for the Gold Cup. Vasco Aguirre considers that this is one of the great evils among the followers of Mexican soccer: the desire for results. The pressure of having to win under any context and circumstance It is a challenge that weighs on the backs of the El Tri footballers.

It happens that they are losing, I think, the illusion of coming to play, I mean for the Europeans. I spoke to my players in Monterrey, I'm not saying they're nervous about going to the national team, but they were restless, they were worried because we have become results-oriented”, he explained.

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