“Do you love money or your life?”: Daughter of Peru Libre congressman is extorted from Piedras Gordas

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A relative of a parliamentarian is the victim of threats and they demand payment of 20 thousand soles to avoid ending her life. | Sunday a Day

“Personally, I'm going to take care of blowing your head off.” Jesús Bernuy Tarazona is imprisoned in the Ancón I prison, but that did not stop him from threatening the daughter of a congresswoman from Peru Libre and sending her audios and messages demanding her payment of more than 20 thousand soles.

“Here you are not talking to first-timers, here you are talking to professionals, just in case. We fuck only once, not every once in a while. We have the floor, the one speaking to you is Marcos, I am the leader of the drums. The only solution is your money, he talks to me. Otherwise, you're going to see shit that you've never seen in your life, that you've only seen in movies or on television. Here you tell me yes or no, otherwise we are going to do our job. We know that you are a wealthy woman, that you have several businesses,” she is heard saying in an audio reported to the National Police of Peru.

In this regard, the Colonel PNP Jorge Luis Carpio, head of the kidnapping and extortion division of the Dirincri, gave details about the man who threatened from prison: “He was detained for the crime of homicide in 2014 and was a member of 'Los damned de Caja de Agua'. “He received information from outside, processed it and sent the messages from the prison.”

Both had the help of informants who gave them details of their victims. | Sunday a Day
Both had the help of informants who gave them details of their victims. | Sunday a Day

“The subject told him that he was part of the criminal organization 'Tren de Aragua' in exchange for not attacking his life or that of his family members or causing damage to the interior of his premises. They sent him photos of his children's educational centers and he did the negotiations,” he explained.

He added that, at the time of obtaining the information, they proceeded to check every corner of his cell, inside the mattresses, among the inmates' belongings, on the walls and inside for light bulbs, perfumes and shoes. That's how they found a charger and a cell phone inside some socks.

“These death messages, photographs and threats were sent by this subject to the parliamentarian's relative. Everything, from one of the cell phones that was found in her cell. In the conversations you can read how insistent they were for them to pay the money. And you can even see the adjustments that his accomplices carried out on their targets. In addition, chilling images of murders that had her signature, all with the aim of frightening her,” the report mentions.

Criminals extort money from their victims from prison. | Andean
Criminals extort money from their victims from prison. | Andean

The man obtained the information from the parliamentarian's daughter thanks to Erika Victoria Pilares Gago, partner of this criminal who was in charge of recording and mark the victim and his/her closest environment. In addition to monitoring the movements of his targets, he sought to work in the companies of the extorted people, in order to know as much as possible from the inside.

In the search, not only the name and number of the victim was found, but also that of several merchants, since these criminals had the business owners of the Gamarra emporium in their sights. But they did not operate alone. The money they got was deposited in the account of Ruth Del Rosario Sanchez Zuloeta, the ex-wife of another inmate at the Ancón prison identified as Erwin Rodríguez Dávilawho was also in charge of communicating with the victims and was detained for the crime of illicit drug trafficking and illegal possession of firearms.

Although both women denied their participation in the first instance, they are now detained inside the prisons. After an exhaustive investigation, cell phones and manuscripts were seized that link them to the crimes for which they were arrested.

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