Do not make him angry: ‘Canelo’ sent a strong warning to his workers in charge of taking care of their cars


Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, Mexican boxer.

Photo: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

‘Canelo’ Álvarez has been characterized by having eccentric tastes and hobbies, such as his collection of luxury vehicles. In fact his affinity for his collection is such that he hired a team to take care of his cars that are in his mansion in Guadalajarahowever, recently got upset with them and sent them a stern warning.

And it is that in an interview, ‘Canelo’ confessed that he is annoyed that the caretakers of his cars disobey the strict instructions they have so that no vehicle has any inconvenience.

In fact, some time ago, the man from Guadalajara invited the communicator Graham Besinger to his mansion to grant him an interview and took the opportunity to present his car collection, and The Mexican got very serious with his workers when talking about their cars.

While showing him the cars, the boxer He introduced Belinger to two of his car attendants and they jokingly assured that hopefully there will never be any problem with the vehicles. since the ‘Canelo’ would explode.

“Have you ever worried about them being damaged or scratched?” Bensinger asked. “No, and hopefully that never happens,” the workers commented with laughter. However, ‘Canelo’ himself said in a more serious tone that “Something like this can never happen.”

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