Do not leave us as an inheritance the murders

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Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

Please President, do not leave us as an inheritance the murders of journalists, human rights activists, or of any person in our country. We do not want more condolences, regrets, promises that there will be no impunity, much less that they give us atole - but without chipilín tamales - with the finger scapegoated as some governors and federal authorities did to get rid of responsibility.

Don Andrés please tell his successor, -because he is going to impose it, right?- in that testament that he did us the favor of revealing to us last Saturday, that he thoroughly review the protection mechanism for journalists because the panic button is used for what it is spread on the cheese. Also, leaving the security of a journalist in the hands of local and state police is like putting the church in the hands of Luther. The police are in collusion with the criminals and step aside.

Please warn the next president that the schemes of Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, Enrique Peña Nieto and the 4T himself do not guarantee freedom of expression or the safety of journalists to practice their profession.

In your will, Mr. President, make it very clear that Mexico is the most dangerous country to practice journalism; 54 murders so far in his six-year term corroborate this. And those are not due to the rotten fruits that they left behind.

Please do not leave without making these recommendations clear so that they can be transmitted by your executor to whoever is the winner to occupy the chair you currently occupy in the National Palace.

Those of us who dedicate ourselves to this noble profession of journalism, ask you not to forget to tell your successor, in his will, to learn these four hashtags very well: #NiSilencioNiOlvido; #NoSeMataLaTruth; #SinMasPeriodistasEnSusListas and #JournalismAtRisk.

Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Lenin and Perón also left their political testament, but it was useless.


Dante Delgado resigned from the Special Commission to Determine Abuses of Authority and Violations of the Rule of Law in Veracruz and sent a serious warning “if Morena uses her majority to silence dissenting voices to prevent justice from being asserted and protect a governor criminal, we are going to summon the citizens to prevent the abuse of power and impunity from continuing to prevail in Veracruz”… Neither house arrest nor bracelet, Judge José Antonio Zuñiga decides to keep the former director of Pemex in justified preventive detention, Emilio Lozoya who was already savoring the fine wines that he usually drinks at his residence in Huixquilucan. He was only granted house arrest for the Agronitrogenados case, but he stays in Reno because of the Odebrecht bribes… Whatever the stratum, it is clear that the Mexico City government will increase the cost of consumption of the water, although as always, they want to revive Cantinflas to confuse. Everything to take care of the image... Cantinflas said in one of his films that to sweep corruption from top to bottom, there would be a lack of brooms and the 4T lacks them to fulfill that purpose of ending corruption; in prisons neither brooms nor sweepers, the corruption between the authorities, the custodians and those who work in prisons, prisons and jails continue doing their thing as in their best days.

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