Do bed bugs transmit diseases? The expert Alejandro Macías responds

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The Bedbugs that have been observed in the Metro Collective Transportation System and presumably in some faculties of the UNAM and UAM, are of a species known as "bed bugs" that do not transmit diseasesThis was explained by Dr. Alejandro Macías, former health official and current scientific communicator on health issues, who highlighted that There is a collective psychosis in Mexico City due to this insect.

"There is a bed bug epidemic or there seems to be a bed bug epidemic that is also mixed with a collective psychosis. Let us remember that not all bed bugs are the same. The bed bugs that supposedly exist are bed bugs, they do not transmit diseases," he clarified.

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The former National Commissioner for the Prevention and Control of Influenza in 2009, indicated that the Triatoma bed bugs do represent a health risk by transmitting diseases such as Chagas disease, which is potentially fatal caused by Trypanosoma cruzi parasite. The parasites invade the myocardium, colon and esophagus, causing damage to the heart and digestive system.

In a video, Alejandro Macías explained that the "Bed bugs" are not considered a public health problem, they are just annoying. He also questioned whether academic institutions close activities due to the presence of these insects that are present in all spaces.

"These bed bugs are not a public health problem, they are a nuisance," he said.

"In some institutions they have closed activities when someone has seen one or two bedbugs. If we start looking for them we will find them and it is not possible that we are closing activities because we have found a bedbug," he said.

He also highlighted that the bed bugs generate resistance to fumigationsso it suggests using heat or steam methods.

Given the complaints and concerns of the university community, the UNAM determined the fumigation of all campuses and administrative facilities during this weekend and in a staggered manner, for which some faculties, CCH and FES determined the suspension of in-person activities and some of them virtual classes.

The UNAM made it clear that until now there is no insect infestationincluding bedbugs, but they decided to fumigate all the campuses to meet the demands of the students, whom they called to corroborate what is published on social networks.


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