Dispute over Miguel Hidalgo; electoral battle for mayors

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In the mayor's office, Miguel Hidalgo has already announced that PAN member Mauricio Tabe will seek re-election. Opposite is the current social attorney of Mexico City, Claudia Galaviz, who told this newspaper that she will seek Morena's candidacy.

Also aspiring to Morena are Cristina Cruz, national advisor of that party, local deputy Martín Padilla and the Executive Director of Citizen Participation of the mayor's office, Ulises Labrador.

In Movimiento Ciudadano they believe that Fernanda Robles and Antonio Carbia have possibilities.

Miguel Hidalgo has been alternating between left and right for 12 years: from 2012 to 2015, Víctor Hugo Romo governed, who won with the PRD; from 2015 to 2018 there was Xóchitl Gálvez, from the PAN; From 2018 to 2021 Romo returned, for Morena, and currently there is Tabe, who arrived in alliance, but he is from the PAN.

Tabe told Excelsior that one of his greatest achievements in the mayor's office is in terms of security, "since the perception of insecurity went from 75 to 34 percent" in his administration.

So far this year, “one in every three jobs (in the city) has been generated in Miguel Hidalgo, and we are allies of those who undertake and there are also good services, that is why we have become number one for generating business, to start a company, mainly services.”

He added that he has placed emphasis on the protection of women: “We aspire for the allocation of social programs to be first for women and heads of family.”

The mayor's office has "an emergency home and a women's defense unit that has served a total of 538 women with psychological and legal advice."

Claudia Galaviz said in an interview that she has the credentials to seek Morena's candidacy, since she was an official in the mayor's office from 2014 to 2021 and in the last Romo administration, from 2018 to 2021, she was head of the office, "which is the most "The most important thing there is, after the mayor: I was in charge of all the service areas, the procedures areas, the area of ​​transparency, accountability and the fight against corruption."

“From there I was able to place the mayor's office in the first place of providing public services and we generated proactive transparency mechanisms,” said the social attorney, who in her party is identified with Romo's group.

He considers that a public policy that should be reestablished is: “the façade luminaires and kits that were delivered in condominiums, which allowed having an outside camera, but the current administration decided to eliminate the connection, from one day to the next, without consulting the neighbors ”.

Ulises Labrador, executive director of Citizen Participation in Miguel Hidalgo, also identified with Romo, commented: “I have been working here in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office for more than 20 years, I know the 92 neighborhoods and their needs perfectly, I know the demarcation in detail.”

From 2012 to 2015 he was general director of Social Development; In 2015, when Xóchitl Gálvez arrived as mayor, Labrador went to the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion, as director of Unemployment Insurance, and from 2018 to 2021, when Romo returned to the mayor's office, Labrador was director of Citizen Participation.

The national and state advisor of Morena Cristina Cruz expressed: “Since 2010 I have done political work in Miguel Hidalgo; "I know the demarcation and I have been a delegate of Development Programs in Mexico City."

As a delegate, in December 2020 she took “charge of vaccination in the city, when the first vaccines against covid-19 were administered, and very quickly, in January 2021, the vaccination centers and macrocenters were implemented, "They were extraordinary vaccination efforts," said Cruz, who is identified with the group of Mario Delgado, national leader of Morena.

Cruz considers that one of the issues that urgently needs to be addressed is the effects of gentrification, since residents of neighborhoods such as Reforma Social have been forced to sell their homes and emigrate to the periphery.

Local deputy Martín Padilla, current member of the Green Alliance Parliamentary Association Together for the City, also aspires to be the candidate for Morena.

In the last legislature, Padilla ruled on the new Citizen Participation Law “and among the initiatives that I have presented is the reform of the Penal Code to establish severe penalties for road riders, as well as a new initiative to make the efforts in the mayor's offices more agile through applications.”

A few days ago, Padilla, identified with Clara Brugada's group – aspiring to the Coordination of the Defense Committees of the Fourth Transformation in the city – filed a complaint with the Secretariat of the Comptroller General of Mexico City, where he requests a investigation into Tabe, “because he could be diverting public resources to promote his image through the newspaper Change knows!”.

Tabe was confident that the PAN can win in 2024: “In Miguel Hidalgo there is a very strong rejection of Morena because he has turned his back on Miguel Hidalgo budgetarily and has seen how they put their foot down on the neighbors, trying to put their foot down. to the mayor.”

Ulises Labrador concluded about Morena: "I think we have a very good chance of the left recovering the mayor's office, since this administration has had a poor performance, and they are not close to the people nor have they earned their trust."

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