Dispute in the Iztacalco mayor's office

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Armando Quintero cannot seek re-election, since he has already been mayor of Iztacalco on two consecutive occasions, which opened the space for various profiles of Morena and the opposition.

In Morena, local deputies Lourdes Paz and Marcela Fuente, and federal deputy Óscar Eugenio Gutiérrez, have raised their hands.

On the opposition side is Daniel Ordóñez, who was a candidate for the PAN in 2021 for the same mayor; the PAN member Marte Ruiz, an official in Miguel Hidalgo; Gabriela Galván, from the PRI, and from the PRD, David Nava and former delegate Carlos Estrada.

Furthermore, the opposition candidates share the view that Quintero has had control of the mayor's office practically since 2003, when he was a delegate, and they consider that they have a good chance of winning if PRI, PAN and PRD go together in 2024.

In that sense, former delegate Carlos Estrada, who governed from 2015 to 2017, considered that although Quintero “formally has governed for almost nine years,” since he was a delegate from 2003 to 2006 and then mayor from 2018 to date, “he has directly or indirectly governed for 15 years", because "he appointed his brother-in-law, Francisco Sánchez, who was delegate from 2009 to 2012, and then Erasto Ensástiga (from 2006 to 2009) Excelsior He sought out Francisco Sánchez to find out if he would seek to run in 2024, but there was no response until the print edition closed.

Daniel Ordoñez commented: “In 2021 I ran for the PAN, coming in second place, with 43,211 votes, behind Quintero (who obtained 69,360). If you add the votes that I had, plus the 37,207 of the PRI-PRD candidate, as an alliance we would have won.”

Marte Ruiz – who started as a PAN brigade member 23 years ago and worked in the local Finance Secretariat and at the federal level in the Social Development Secretariat, in Conagua and in the Interior Secretariat – agreed with Ordóñez that “the last election was not He could have given the alliance, and if it had happened we would have beaten Morena.”

David Nava expressed that he has been a mayoral official for 16 years in positions such as head of the Youth Services department, Treasurer and director of Finance.

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Gabriela Galván, who is currently a manager, assures that she has “managed to enter more than a thousand pages of requests from neighbors, many of them on urban issues, through the SUAC, the mayor's office evaluates them, we insist and when we see that an issue was stuck for reason unjustifiable, we ask for support from deputies from the PRI bench.” She also heads the civil association Pedacito de Cielo en la Tierra, which helps children with cancer.


Representative Lourdez Paz remembers that it is the second time that she has won in an electoral district with a seat in Iztacalco: “The first time I won with about 96 thousand votes.”

Born in the port of Veracruz, she expressed that she has been an “obradorist since she was young” and that she studied law at the University of Xalapa, but in 2004, with the issue of the ousting of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, she came to Mexico City.

He was optimistic about Morena's chances in 2024: “Iztacalco is a 100% Obreroista, Morenista mayor's office, which has accompanied Mr. López Obrador. “People know that the benefits of having a Morena government are greater than having an opposition government.”

Marcela Fuente, secretary of the Board of Directors in Donceles For the second consecutive year, at 28 years old, she is one of the youngest local legislators.

Her agenda has been primarily feminist: she has promoted initiatives against vicarious violence and the Olympia Law, among others.

Federal deputy Óscar Eugenio Gutiérrez stated that his “commitment to the 4T, because the people voted for us in the Chamber of Deputies to support this project and we have supported it one hundred percent” qualifies him to seek the candidacy. He is a member of the Budget and Public Accounts, and Communications and Transportation commissions.

He has worked in the local Finance and Education Secretariats. “All the times working with a reference who supported me: Mario Delgado, president of Morena.”


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