Dispute for mayor of Cuajimalpa

Dispute for mayor of Cuajimalpa
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The resignation of the licensed mayor of Cuajimalpa from the PRI, Adrian Rubalcavamodified the political board at the last minute for the 2024 election.

Morena sources told this newspaper that Rubalcava would now be negotiating the profile of the Morena-PVEM coalition candidate.

However, in an interview with Excelsior, Rubalcava said: “Of course not, it's a lie, I still don't even know the route by which I am going to continue building for the city.” Although he clarified that he is not closed to dialogue with those parties.

If tomorrow I decide to go to Movimiento Ciudadano, to the PVEM, to Morena, to whatever party, I want the profile that heads the project of my mayor to have the sympathy of the party members, I am not going to impose on anyone "I'm going to do an internal selection process with my team, with my leadership, with surveys," he said.

Collaborators of the government that he left in Cuajimalpa have expressed their interest in seeking the candidacy, and have already confirmed that they will not register as pre-candidates for the PRI or any of the other parties in the Va por la CDMX coalition (PAN or PRD).

I am still not very clear in which coalition or with what color; that is what we are seeing,” said Carlos Zarza, general director of Sustainability, Natural Resources and Protected Areas of the mayor's office.

While Gustavo Mendoza, general director of Social Development of Cuajimalpa, said: "I believe that Cuajimalpa is more 'rubalcavista' than PRI."

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Perception that the Va por CDMX coalition does not share is Ernesto Sánchez, former local PAN deputy and current mayoral candidate: “I do not disdain that Rubalcava has an important structure, however I do not believe that Cuajimalpa belongs to a single person.”

He added that the alliance has good prospects for 2024 without Rubalcava, “because in past elections we have won with the hard vote of the PAN and the PRI, made up of the upper middle class; That vote has made up around 33% (of the total vote) and in some elections even more.”

Another PAN member seeking the position is Carlos Orvañanos, who was delegate of Cuajimalpa from 2009 to 2012. Among the highlights of his work, he considers public works “such as the comprehensive paving of José María Castorena Avenue and the change of pipes.” , which has greatly reduced the issue of leaks.”


In Morena, various profiles have raised their hands for the candidacy, such as Susana Cueto, leader of the Presidenta MX organization. She is a businesswoman and later started a civil association to help women victims. Already in 2021 she was a candidate for mayor of Cuajimalpa for the PES.

Another is Roberto Candia, state councilor for Morena and local deputy for the PRD from 2009 to 2011. Before, he was a works official for the central government: “There we built the Poniente Supervía, which benefits part of Cuajimalpa; we made the distributors that are in Constituciónntes; overpasses; the concessioned second floors. I had to work on the closure of the Bordo Poniente,” he says.

There is also Gonzalo Espina, who came to the Second Legislature of the local Congress for the PAN, but this year he left that bench and joined the Liberal Left Parliamentary Association.

Karla Morales Ponce is another of those seeking the candidacy. She was a government official in Nuevo León for 12 years, there she was director of the Youth Institute. In the federal government she was an official at Sedesol and has worked mainly in protecting vulnerable populations.


In the Cuajimalpa government there are other officials close to Rubalcava who also aspire to the candidacy, among them Rodolfo Chehade: "For the last five years I have been chief of staff and as head of the mayor's office I have influence in practically everything."

Another is Ulises García, director of Government of the mayor's office, who has collaborated with Rubalcava since 2009; He became mayor in 2012.

Carlos Madrazo, general director of Social Action, Culture and Sports In the mayor's office, he expressed that he spent “many years in the PVEM; There I served as coordinator of advisors in the Senate, with the then senator Arturo Escobar, later I was president of the party in the city. “I have worked in public administration and I know the whole topic of how to plan and execute a budget within a mayor's office,” he said.

In addition to Brenda Ruiz, who has collaborated as a consultant with Rubalcava in all his campaigns since 2012 and remembers that she was in charge of Community Development Centers, Social Work and Scholarships. She has also worked at Sedesol and in the Senate she was office manager.


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