"Dinenno is a historic player for the club," said 'Turco' Mohamed

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The Technical Director of the Pumas, Antonio Mohamedcould not hide his joy after the 3-0 victory against AtlasWell, with the result, the felines They sealed their pass to the elimination roundwhich they will return after two tournaments where they missed their ticket.

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We are happy. The entire structure of the club was looking for this since the team was assembled, and now we have to rest and stay as high as possible,” said Mohamed.

Likewise, the Argentine helmsman did not miss the opportunity to comment of the new brand of his scorer, Juan Ignacio Dinennowho with his score against the rojinegros already He settles into the top ten scorers of UNAM with the figure of sixty something.

A historic player for the club who always scores, he also had a good game. The most important thing is the team, but we know that the team depends on the individuals and that they regain confidence is good news.”

Finally, the 'Turkish' pointed out the importance of finishing the tournament with victorywhen they receive Guadalajara in University City, in duel where the fourth step could be defined of the table.

It is clear that against Chivas we will play between the two of us for fourth place, so it will be a head-to-head match for an important position,” he stated.


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