Dina Boluarte's trip to the US is made official and she will dispatch remotely

Dina Boluarte's trip to the US is made official and
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Boluarte will hold the presidency remotely for the second time after his trip to Brazil for the V Meeting of Presidents of the States Parties to the Amazon Cooperation Treaty - credit El Peruano and the UN

He Congress of the republic authorized the president's trip Dina Boluarte to the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), which will take place in New York, USA, from September 18 to 20 of this year. The measure was published through legislative resolution No. 31871, in the official journal A Peruvian man.

As recalled, Parliament approved with 73 votes in favor, 39 against and 8 abstentions, that the president leave the national territory from the 17th to the 21st of this month. This way, boluarte will be able to intervene in High Level Week 2023, on Tuesday the 19th, at approximately 7:00 p.m.

"The President of the Republic will remain in charge of the office of the Presidency of the Republic using digital technologies, which adopt digital security mechanisms and guarantee the security of the means to be used,” the document reads.

During this event of the UN, will discuss what actions governments will take to counteract climate change, achieve universal health coverage, prevent possible pandemics and fight tuberculosis. Likewise, there will be discussions about the application of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda in all member countries.

The president must return to the country no later than September 21 - Andina credit
The president must return to the country no later than September 21 - Andina credit

In June, the legislative branch approved, in a second vote, to modify Law 29158, Organic Law of the Executive Branch, so that Dina Boluarte can perform their duties remotely. On this occasion, 72 legislators supported the initiative, compared to the 68 who did so in the first consultation.

Some congressmen who opposed this decision argue that the law would be unconstitutional. For example, Jorge Montoyaof Popular Renewalstated that this could bring more instability to the country.

“For me, it is unconstitutional. The patch that the law has made should have been rethought at the time the decision was made. When they wanted to do so, they were spoken to and it was explained to the Executive that they were on the wrong path, that the best thing was to make a constitutional reform to fill that void that existed and that there was enough time to do so. With this, we are going to create again a feeling of insecurity with a high level of irresponsibility on the part of the president and the premier,” Montoya said in an interview with ATV in August.

- credit El Peruano and Andina
- credit El Peruano and Andina

Along the same lines, the parliamentarian of Democratic Change - Together for Peru, Ruth Luquefiled a complaint with the constitutional Court so that the norm is no longer valid. Luque argues that article 115 of the Magna Carta would have been violated.

“When the president of the Republic leaves the national territory, the first vice president is in charge of the office. If he fails, the second vice president does it,” the rule reads.

In article 113 of the Political Constitution of Peru It is established that it is a cause of vacancy that the head of State leaves the national territory without permission from the legislative power or do not return within the set time. In this way, if boluarte does not return to the country on September 21, she could be removed from her position.

Boluarte must return to Peru this Thursday, September 21 or she could be subjected to a vacancy process - Andina credit
Boluarte must return to Peru this Thursday, September 21 or she could be subjected to a vacancy process - Andina credit

In April of last year, the former president Pedro Castillo He had to enter the country by land before the 24-hour permit granted to him by Parliament expired. At that time, the now imprisoned former president participated in the XIV Ecuador-Peru Binational Cabinet, together with his counterpart Guillermo Lasso.

However, problems weather conditions in Loja prevented him from boarding the scheduled flight. For this reason, Castillo entered through the Ecuadorian city of Huaquillas, located in the province of El Oro, and spent the night in Tumbes until the next day.

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