Dina Boluarte spoke about the delay in the rescue of Peruvians in Israel: “Unfortunately, there is no logistics”

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President Dina Boluarte explained why the Peruvians were not transferred as soon as the Hamas attack in Israel began.

The president Dina Boluarte acknowledged this Friday that the lack of logistics caused the delay in the rescue of Peruvians trapped in Israel following the attacks by the Islamist group Hamas, which has kidnapped a Peruvian-Israeli citizen and four of her relatives.

“When the conflict began, we immediately raised alerts with our embassy and consulate in that country. From the first moment we began to provide accommodation, food and put them in safekeeping. [Son] technical situations. Sometimes there is speculation or criticism without verification,” he said after landing with 25 compatriots who were picked up by the presidential plane in Israel.

Boluarte commented that, unlike other leaders in the region who ordered the immediate rescue of their compatriots, Peru does not have planes that can carry out trips in emergency situations, such as those of recent days.

“Private charters did not have authorization to land in Israel, like what happened with the private charter sent by Ecuador. Unlike Chile and Argentina, [los enviados] They are official Army or Air Force aircraft. Unfortunately, Peru does not have that logistics. Due to this situation, we have arranged the purchase of two Boeings so that we can make humanitarian bridges when required,” he said.

President Dina Boluarte announced the purchase of two Boeing planes to repatriate compatriots in Israel. Video: TV Peru

The presidential plane, which carried Boluarte on its tour of Europe, initially transported 42 people from Tel Aviv to Rome, from where only 25 decided to continue the return trip to Peruvian territory.

The official ship arrived at Air Group Number 8, the military base attached to the Lima international airport, after 5:00 p.m., after making stops in Cape Verde, Africa and Brazil.

“We have had to travel making four stops. The most prudent thing was to get to Rome and from Rome to send the presidential plane to rescue our compatriots. But the important thing is that the 25 are already here, the rest are leaving on [miércoles] 18 to Peru—those who have stayed in Rome—and the other 52 who are in Quito will also be transferred to our beloved homeland,” the president said.

According to the Foreign Ministry, so far it has assisted 160 Peruvians with guidance, accommodation, food or transportation during their stay in Israel and assisted “90 Peruvians by land to Jordan and 70 by air to other cities in their travel outside that country.” ”.

Likewise, it has confirmed the death of the Peruvian-Israeli Brando Flores García, who was completing the last days of his military service at a base near the border with Gaza, and of the doctor Daniel Levi, who was in the Be'eri kibbutz, a place near the area attacked by Hamas.

President Dina Boluarte spoke about the family kidnapped by Hamas in Israel. Video: TV Peru

Margit Schneider-Zimmerman, a Peruvian-Israeli citizen who has lived in that country for 15 years, has been taken hostage by the Islamist group along with her daughter, Shiri Bib, her son-in-law, and her two young grandchildren, aged 4 and 9 months.

“Indeed, from the beginning we considered a missing person, Mrs. Schneider, she is part of this family,” said the Peruvian ambassador to Israel, Manuel Cacho-Sousa, before adding that for now there is no way to know which one. It is the state in which the kidnapped people are found.

“We are very sorry. However, we are in permanent contact with the Israeli authorities to know what situation the family is in and we can bring them to safety,” Boluarte said in this regard.

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