DIHAZ appears before the public with his video store and single "Recuerdos"

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Jalisco.- Dream Big Music, DBM, record label, located in "La Perla Tapatía", bets on Mexican talent; proof of this is Zahid Álvarez Suárez, originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco; born on October 12, 2000; His father, dedicated to politics, and his mother, caring for the family, have always supported DIHAZ -his artistic name-, in his studies and interest in music and being a singer.

From his childhood, his parents instilled in his two brothers and in him values, love for family, responsibility to be happy and always strive to achieve their goals.

DIHAZ He describes himself as "a good guy" with values, responsible and calm.

During his adolescence, his taste for the keyboard led him to play lyrically songs from Adele and Demi lovatoamong other artists and already at seventeen, found that his vocal quality was much better, having left puberty behind.

His educational training was completed in Mexico and the United States to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Production and Audio Engineering, which gave him the foundation to continue his passion, music.

DIHAZ remember that the first applause was at family parties. “I sang songs by José José, who became my first reference, since the first song I learned was "La nave del olvido", I grew up listening to trio songs at my grandparents' or parents' house, Juan Gabriel, Camilo Sesto, Vicente Fernández and Luis Miguel; I liked to analyze the musical themes of artists of all genres and it was when I realized that I wanted to be on stage and dedicate myself to singing; I listened to Gera Mx, my favorite rapper, as well as Adele, Bad Bunny or Metálica.”.

As a singer-songwriter, DIHAZ, He writes for him, although he likes to collaborate with adaptations to the stories of friends or other authors if they ask him.

Today, DIHAZ presents his musical video clip and debut single, titled, "MEMORIES", that make it known in a professional way before the public; he issue was produced by wyck cross.

He video clip, an executive production of Marcos Maldonado; the address and photography in charge of Enrique Arechavala; visual effects and editing by Ivan Guerrero; special effects by Abel Hernandez and the art on behalf of Ana Laura Garcia.

The singer-songwriter likes to tell his own stories and experiences of love and heartbreak, interpreted with a unique and fresh style like his image, always in fashion and attentive to new trends.

At the moment, DIHAZ He is totally focused on his musical career, rather than love. “I'm not in love, but I get excited very easily when I'm in a relationship; this makes me write my own stories; I hope you like my musical proposal, which I offer with much love and respect”.

DIHAZ He wants to earn a place in the public's taste with his music on his own merit, following the advice of family and friends, but above all that of his father, who has been his example to follow due to the perseverance and struggle that have led him to achieve his goals. objectives, same that he has transmitted and instilled in DIHAZ to achieve your dreams.

I recognize the discipline and struggle of my fatherSo like that of my uncle, "Canelo Álvarez", who earned the affection, admiration and respect of the public in the box worldwide, so I want to forge my own path and feel proud of me on the musical stage, following the teachings of my family

DIHAZ He is aware that he has to be disciplined, patient, never give up and give himself to the maximum in his passion, which is music.

"MEMORIES", Available on all digital platforms and music stores.

Videoclip "MEMORIES"

(139) Memories – DIHAZ – YouTube

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