Diego Molano announced the support of twelve conservative candidates in the middle of his race for the Mayor of Bogotá

Diego Molano announced the support of twelve conservative candidates in
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Diego Molano Aponte, who served as Minister of Defense in the Government of Iván Duque, aspires to become the Mayor of Bogotá - credit Ministry of Defense

The regional elections are getting closer and the candidates who aspire to occupy a position after the electoral contest of October 29, 2023 They prepare their chips to get to the elections in the best way. In the middle of the race for Bogota City Hallone of the candidates for the position announced new political support on the morning of Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Is about Diego Molanoformer Minister of Defense who confirmed the accession of twelve candidates from the list of the Conservative Party, to his campaign. Through a video on his social networks, the candidate thanked the applicants for their support, who stated that the former director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (Icbf) He is “the mayor that Bogotá needs.”

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Besides, cool He pointed out that from his surroundings they will take to the streets of Bogotá “to guarantee security” in the city, this being one of the candidate's strongest proposals to reach the Liévano Palace. In fact, the candidate indicated that under his hypothetical administration work will be done so that “families can return to quiet streets.”

“Let the delinquents, the criminals, those on the Front Line, know that this team is going to work so that they are in jail, and the citizens are on the streets enjoying this city,” said Diego Molano.

He former defense minister He emphasized the importance of recovering trust in the public forces, in addition to ensuring that his candidacy is working to “save Bogotá from disaster.” For him, the fact that the country's capital faces multiple problems today has to do with the efforts of Gustavo Bolivar and the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro.

“The Conservatives of Bogotá, those who oppose@petrogustavo, join this campaign that will return security to the capital. I deeply appreciate the support of 12 more candidates for the Bogotá Council who announce their support for our campaign #Let'srebuildBogotá. We will continue forward to save Bogotá from the disaster of @petrogustavo and @GustavoBolivar”said Diego Molano, candidate for Mayor of Bogotá.

Diego Molano announced the joining of 12 conservative candidates to his campaign - credit @Diego_Molano/X
Diego Molano announced the joining of 12 conservative candidates to his campaign - credit @Diego_Molano/X

In the midst of a debate that took place on the morning of Tuesday, September 12, 2023, Diego Molano accused Gustavo Bolívar, candidate for the Historical Pactof promoting acts of political violence, in addition to the attacks against the public forces registered in recent weeks in the country's capital.

Diego Molano attacked his opponent Gustavo Bolívar in a debate of candidates for Mayor of Bogotá - credit Diego Molano
Diego Molano attacked his opponent Gustavo Bolívar in a debate of candidates for Mayor of Bogotá - credit Diego Molano

The candidate for office by the political movement Let's rebuild Bogotá accused Bolívar of being one of the sponsors of the Primera Línea, a group accused of having perpetrated the attacks against the CAI of La Gaitana, in the town of Suba. In fact, Molano “demanded” that the former senator stop the acts of vandalism in the city.

“Gustavo, you are famous for financing the First Line. I demand that you stop the attacks and vandalism of the city that has it today under this siege with destruction in the last three days,” said Diego Molano, candidate for Mayor of Bogotá.

Likewise, the former Minister of Defense pointed out against the Total Peace policy, a measure promoted by the National government under which it is intended to deliver one million pesos to young people who leave criminal groups in the country. Faced with this, Molano alleged that Bolívar and his political party seek to interfere in the upcoming elections on October 29.

“They cannot repeat this formula of generating violence again to affect the elections in Bogotá. The Total Peace policy that has fueled this figure that paying criminals for not killing is what solves the city's problem,” said Diego Molano.

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