Diego Cocca and the message he sent to Club Tigres in his presentation with the Mexican National Team

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Mexico.- When it was announced that Diego Cocca was chosen as the new coach of the Mexican National Team, the fans of Club Tigres, and the Monterrey press, jumped indignantly and called him a traitor.

But Diego Cocca does not take it personally, he understands that the royal fans are hurt, that they have certain misgivings and feel abandoned and that is why he sent them a message.

But, "the Mexican National Team cannot be allowed to pass," mentioned the Argentine coach who was presented on the afternoon of this Friday, February 10.

Diego Cocca sent a message to Club Tigres, board of directors, players and fans, for his departure from the team to go train the Mexican National Team.

“I want to thank the people of Club Tigres, its board of directors, the people of CEMEX, the University, players and fans. I am grateful for giving me the possibility of work ”, he indicated.

He explained that his stay in the university team, “was spectacular. They have a spectacular hobby, they treated me wonderfully. With the players I only have words of gratitude from everyone and what I take with me”.

The criticisms, “I understand them, Club Tigres was left without a coach, it is a difficult part. But I'm calm, I talked about it with (Mauricio) Culebro, and I didn't look for the National Team, I had a project in a spectacular club where I got on well with the players… I did a Zoom to say goodbye…”.

“You make decisions and win and lose things; I lost the chance to lead that team, but I won the chance to lead the National Team and perhaps that cannot be repeated again, ”he said.

Rodrigo Ares de Parga, executive director of national teams, mentioned that he understands the issue of Club Tigres, but does not share it.

The FMF director indicated: “The National Team is above any team and the way of thinking of many. They had a plan and suddenly the news reached them, but the team president was always notified that he was one of the technicians we wanted to interview ”.

And he reiterated: "If they gave us permission, it is because there was an opportunity to be chosen."

They were also offered to continue with the royal team alongside the National Team, until the end of the tournament, "which they did not accept."

By Rodrigo Solis


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