Did they make Diego Cocca's bed? Ricardo La Volpe does not understand the radical change of El Tri

Cocca only directed seven games.

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The panorama was gray in relation to the start of the Gold Cup for the Mexican team. El Tri came from throwing out his coach Diego Cocca a few days before the start of the tournament. Jaime Lozano took responsibility and debuted with a 4-0 victory against Honduras. Ricardo La Volpe doubts this radical change in Mexico and suggests that the players "made the bed" for the former strategist.

Diego Cocca was in charge of El Tri for seven games. In all his commitments, the former coach of Club Atlas could not have a correct match from start to finish in which he obtained the victory without major problems. In less than two weeks Jaime Lozano sits on the bench and Mexico teaches soccer with little prior filming.

“It's hard to say sometimes, I still respect my colleagues, but I see this triumph, how Mexico played and asked me: 'How so? Are they the same on the team?' He gives you food for thought. I know that the arrival of another coach motivates, but not so much. I am amazed at how Romo, Chávez, Sánchez, everyone played”, indicated Ricardo La Volpe in a statement released by TUDN.

The "Bigotón" explained that a large part of the functioning of a team depends on its players. By giving more responsibility to El Tri's footballers, La Volpe acknowledged his astonishment with the improvement of the Aztec team.

It makes you think that something was going on with the other technician. I see this today and you're going to tell me about Cocca, but 70 percent are the players on the field, the ones who talk to each other, yell at each other, the leadership. Mexico amazed me to see it neat, with impressive mobility”, he added.

Edson Álvarez publicly supports Jaime Lozano

To reinforce La Volpe's suspicions, Edson Álvarez made some controversial statements after the game against Honduras. El Machín considers that the arrival of a Mexican strategist on the bench “sets the mood” and makes you feel comfortable. The last two Mexico coaches were Argentines.

Jimmy's arrival makes us very happy, as far as I remember I had never had a Mexican coach in the senior team and that sets the mood alight, everything has changed a lot... The fact that a Mexican directs you, you feel more represented and comfortable, but in any case we have to perform on the pitch”, he explained.

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