Did Faitelson betray himself?

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That is the first question that we all ask ourselves or we did with the arrival of the sports writer to Televisa, a company that he disowned for many years, and let him have done it, he criticized it a thousand times over three decades. If you want to know his direct response, his pretexts and without excuses, I invite you not to miss my television interview program, The minute my destiny changedin its new schedule at 8:00 p.m., on Saturdays on channel 3.1 of Image Television.

We had to change the interview three times due to scheduling reasons, two of them due to his, I even thought that his new company, Televisa, had prohibited it, but no, once we settled it, the television giant arrived. sports; The man is almost two meters tall.

David Faitelson He wasn't born in Mexico, so where? On Saturday you will find out in detail and in his voice the path that he has had to cross to become considered one of the most important and influential specialized journalists in the sports media.

I go ahead and clarify that I was not light with him, the questions are strong, deep, powerful and uncomfortable. I hope you will join us this Saturday at the new time of 8:00 p.m. The minute my destiny changed.


If the numbers don't lie, one hour and 38 minutes is less than two and a half hours. With this logic it is scary that Luis Miguel arrive in the capital of the Mexican Republic with a 45-minute show. When Luis Miguel He started the tour in Buenos Aires, his show lasted two and a half hours, but he arrives in Monterrey with one hour and 38 minutes; That is, almost an hour less, if we continue like this, we will arrive at the Mexico City Arena with a show of less than an hour.

I don't understand how an artist who, according to official figures, charges almost two million dollars per show, gives such short shows, since the money is exactly the same, I don't think they will take 500 or 700 thousand dollars from him for giving shorter concerts, or if? That is why he must be required to sing according to the high price of tickets to see him.

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Did I tell you that we have already completed three years of my YouTube and Facebook program? I don't remember, but if I didn't do it, it was a big forgetfulness, because if there's one thing that has me excited, it's that program that we do from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. on social networks, on Gustavo Adolfo Infante TV. I'll wait for you there.

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