Díaz: It is a "very serious mistake" to place Israel's war in the Spanish internal debate

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Madrid, Oct 18 (EFE).- The second vice president of the acting Government, Yolanda Díaz, has described as a "very serious error" that the war between Israel and Gaza is used in the internal debate of Spanish politics, "perverting and falsifying the seriousness of the facts".

Díaz has recognized that "Hamas has undoubtedly committed war crimes" and has denounced that the attack last night on a hospital in Gaza is also a "war crime" for which he hopes that responsibilities will be determined in the international legal sphere.

The vice president made these statements at the presentation of the most influential Spanish women, organized by "Forbes Women" magazine. In it, Díaz has demanded that international legality be respected in Palestine.

The leader of Sumar has recognized that the war can have an impact on the Spanish economy, in a context of recession in Germany. "I hope this is not the case, a principle of prudence. (...) I do not want to alarm anyone," she said, to ensure that if it has a negative impact the future Government will save companies and workers.

On the other hand, Díaz referred during his speech to his meeting with the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont; He has acknowledged that he was very interested in getting to know him and has stated that he respects his ideas, even if he does not share them.

"I was very interested because, in this case, he is a man from a conservative background and I am not, I am progressive. I have also learned a lot, when someone sits down to negotiate or talk with a person who does not come from your world, you have to listen a lot. ", he pointed out.

His conclusion after that trip is that "dialogue is the only tool to resolve political conflicts," he explained before harshly criticizing the PP's management, by appealing to the Statute of Catalonia before the Constitutional Court, and not that of Andalusia, and "abdicate from politics" during the process.

"I believe that politics and institutions are for the people who need it most," he noted after recalling that there are currently "hundreds and hundreds of people prosecuted," such as "the director of a school who opened her school so that people could vote." .

Díaz has opted for "a country with Catalonia inside", a "modern" Catalonia, "with everyone inside": "I want all the autonomous communities of our country to be and walk together and talk about the well-being of the people, knowing that we are different and that we can and should understand each other.



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