Diana's rare illness and her claim to the IMSS

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Francisco Garfias.

Diana Bejar, 27 years old, suffers from a rare disease known as Acute Intermittent Porphyria, a disorder that appears as a result of the accumulation of certain chemicals related to red blood cell proteins.

It is a difficult condition to diagnose that causes abdominal pain so intense that it requires treatment with opioids, such as morphine.

The young woman lived a normal life until June 28, 2022. That day she felt intense pain in her stomach and went to a doctor's office.

There she began a via crucis that took her from hospital to hospital, from analysis to analysis, from diagnosis to diagnosis. All failed to detect her illness.

In a letter addressed to the public he says:

“I completely lost the mobility of my limbs and 90 percent of my voice. He had up to 17 seizure events per day. She suffered at all times intense pain comparable to childbirth…”

Her desperation led her to investigate the treatment of her illness. She got on the internet. There she learned that in developed countries the use of Human Hemina, known in Mexico as Normosang 250 MG, has been standardized to treat the disease.

He also read that with the prompt administration of this medication, most patients improve between two and four days; and can even stop the progression of neuropathy.

“I asked my treating doctor at the IMSS why he did not prescribe me the Normosang 250 MG treatment, telling me that it was a very effective treatment, but that unfortunately the Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI specialty hospital did not have said medication, because “It was not included in the Basic Medication Chart of the IMSS,” he says in the letter.

And it was not included, even though the medicine is approved by the General Health Council, a high authority in health matters.

Diana took refuge. They administered human hemin and included the medication in the basic IMSS chart. A judge then decided to dismiss the amparo trial.

“Despite the above, and victimizing all Porphyria patients with the right to Social Security, those in charge of preparing and updating the IMSS Institutional Chart once again excluded human hemin in recent days.

“This forced Porphyria patients to return to the endless battle of fighting by all means to have access to adequate treatment, exposing us to our health being diminished in each crisis of the disease,” warns Diana.

And he concludes: “we can even lose our lives, just because in their twisted will, they consider that paracetamol and penicillin cure all diseases, including the orphan one such as Porphyria.”


Despite López Obrador's promise to maintain fiscal discipline, his latest budget will increase public debt from 46.5% of GDP in 2023 to 48.8% in 2024.

“While this increase is due, in part, to high interest rates, it will leave the next administration with less room to address fiscal pressure, especially since interest rates are unlikely to fall anytime soon,” the latest report says. on Mexico from the Eurasia Group, based in New York, which advises investors around the world.

The SHCP estimates that tax revenue will reach around 14.4% of GDP, the highest level on record, based on existing tax collection strategies.

That said, the report notes, the growing spending pressures of the pension system will increasingly limit the government. It will reach 1.9 billion pesos, 22% of total spending.

Another obstacle for the incoming administration will be the depletion of the current government's emergency funds.

In 2018, López Obrador inherited around 279.8 million pesos between the budgetary income stabilization funds (FEIP) and the income stabilization funds of the federal entities (FEIEF).

“He spent most of them throughout his mandate to finance the response to the Covid-19 epidemic and his priority projects,” Eurasia underlines.


Alito Moreno does not understand why Morena and remoras make so much fuss about López Obrador's popularity. The national head of the PRI showed a graph prepared based on surveys from that time about how previous presidents were doing at this point in their six-year term.

The most popular at the end of his fourth year in office was Carlos Salinas de Gortari, 72 percent; Ernesto Zedillo followed him with 61 percent and yet lost to Vicente Fox, who before the beginning of his last year in office 56 percent of Mexicans approved of him. Felipe Calderon was at 58 percent, and Enrique Peña, at 45 percent.

The data from Alito They place AMLO at 58 percent.


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