Diamondbacks, the Cinderella team

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Although more than 24 hours have passed since the Diamondbacks win the National League pennant by defeating the visitors Phillies in Game 7 of the Championship Seriesit still doesn't seem very real that the ninth of Arizona is four wins away from lifting his second title in Major League Baseball.

The D-Backs have surprised the baseball world on their way to the World Series. They were not favorites with either the Brewers in the wild card game or the Dodgers in the divisional round and both teams swept them.

Against the Fillis They re-entered as underdogs and they obtained another unexpected victory that has them in the most important commitment of the year.

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The Diamondbacks they continue to star in a cinderella story that starting tomorrow their last dance will begin when they visit the Texas Rangers in Game 1 of the Fall Classic.

Arizona It is the third organization in history to reach the World Series with fewer possibilities of doing so according to the odds presented in the Opening Day and now they are four wins away from bankrupting the casinos.

It is not usual and normal in an era where baseball industry builds payrolls that exceed 500 million dollars distributed among its shining stars. Arizona It barely spent $101 million on its players to rank 21st among the 30 organizations.

Nobody thought that a team that lost 88 games last season would be competing for the Commissioner's Trophy. Nobody calculated that money sometimes does not buy all the triumphs.

Several betting sites had the D-Backs 65-1 to win the National League pennant and 125-1 for the championship, but Arizona overcame this tag of losing team.

The desert team captured the last wild card spot in the National League with a record of only 84-78. The fact that they even snuck into the playoffs is unusual: In the wild-card era, exactly six teams managed to win 85 games or fewer in a full season and still make it to October.

Most of them, like the 1997 Astros, 2005 Padres, 2008 Dodgers and 2017 Cubs and Twins, were eliminated almost immediately.

The only other team to win 85 games or less and still get the World Series They are the 1991 Twins. Diamondbacks They will want to join that club and pop the champagne bottles again.

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