Detective Pikachu Returns: a chatty new adventure

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One of the video games that surprised fans of the Pokémon saga was Detective Pikachua title that was released in 2016 for the 3DS console and that presented a Pikachu not only a detective and a coffee addict, but one that spoke and was understood by the young Tim Goodman.

Several years and even a live-action movie later, The Pokémon Company through its affiliate company Creatures decided to release a sequel called Detective Pikachu Returns which arrives this Friday on the Nintendo Switch console.

In Excelsior We already had the opportunity to try this title that is set two years after the events of the first game. Let's remember that at that time a drug called R began to spread in Ryme City that drove the Pokémon crazy, at the same time that Pikachu was trying to find his partner, Detective Harry Goodman, with the help of Tim, who is his son.

In Detective Pikachu Returnsalthough Harry is still missing, things seem to be improving mainly due to the mayor's efforts, while Pikachu and Tim are known as the best private detectives.

Unfortunately everything changes when Tim and Pikachu are asked to investigate the theft of a “legendary” jewel and the gamer enters into an adventure that lasts about 17 hours and about which we will not give any spoilers.

Of course, we must take into account that this is an adventure title in which the main activity is to investigate and gather clues by interrogating both humans and Pokémon, and then open the research notebook and choose between several hypotheses to continue advancing. .

To which is added that, as you progress in the game, you gain new abilities to investigate such as X-ray vision to spy through walls, among others.

If at any time the player doesn't know what else to do, they can ask Pikachu for advice, although he will only give recommendations and never the answer.

Other missions

Both Tim and Pikachu will also have some side missions in which they help citizens and Pokémon in trouble or by solving puzzles.

Something to take into account is that the game mode does not have Pokémon battles, it is about investigating and solving mysteries, which for some users could end up being repetitive and for young audiences an entertaining title.

Although the latter does not have a simple story, in fact, the title touches on some dark themes and has some plot twist.

It should also be considered that it is not an open world video game, the areas in which Pikachu and Tim can move are delimited, which means that the camera angle cannot be moved either.

As for the graphics, they are a bit ok because this title mixes 3D cinematics and static scenes in which the characters have a limited number of facial expressions.

While a great success is the soundtrack, as well as the fact that the player can choose whether the voices are in Japanese or English.

Detective Pikachu Returns It recovers some of the features that were liked from the first installment with new elements. This is not a video game for everyone.

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