Despite inflation, GivingTuesday manages to raise a record $3.1 billion for charitable causes

The annual fundraising event known as GivingTuesday served as a new thermometer to measure the level of spending of americansin this case as donations.

GivingTuesday, a national event that began as a hashtag on Twitter in 2012, turned ten and did raising a record $3.1 billionaccording to data offered by the organizers.

The amount accumulated in just 24 hours And it was one more sign that people are willing to give, in this case to help non-profit organizations, despite the high prices that inflation leaves and fears of a possible economic recession.

In this regard, the executive director of GivingTuesday, Asha Curran, stressed that, despite economic difficulties with high prices for food, fuel and housing, Americans are willing to give.

“That’s really what we saw. That whatever people are experiencing, they were as generous as they were able to be”, he highlighted in a report for AP.

Donations reach record level

According to organizers’ estimates, donations for this year’s GivingTuesday were 15% higher compared to $2.7 billion raised in 2021.

To estimate the data, the organizers counted from data sources provided by community foundations, companies that collaborated with software that measures fundraising, PayPal payment processor; as well as their large donors Fidelity Charitable and Vanguard Charitable.

However, the GivingTuesday organization indicated that it will wait until the end of the year and that thethe final inflation data and the increase in interest rates to determine the final adjustment of the donations received this year.

Meanwhile, some sectors such as education assure that it was one of the best fundraisers since GivingTuesday is organized.

In the case of DonordChoose, a platform where public school teachers can raise money for their classrooms, this date was the second highest day for your donations in more than two decades.

According to the platform, donations for the Tuesday that followed Thanskgiving were recorded at $10.6 million, with more than 52,000 people donating.

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