Deputies propose legalizing euthanasia in Mexico. Under what circumstances?

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Federal deputies from Morena, MC, PRI, PVEM and PRD presented an initiative to incorporate euthanasia in the General Health Law.

The parliamentarians argued that this initiative is a measure to guarantee patients the right to a dignified and painless death.

"Euthanasia is the deliberate act of ending the life of a patient who suffers from a terminal illness or an irreversible medical condition, at the express and voluntary request of said patient, in the cases and in accordance with the conditions and requirements established in this title eighth ter", they propose.

The initiative indicates that the assumptions for applying euthanasia are: suffering from a terminal illness, suffering from an irreversible medical condition that generates intense pain, and suffering agony with a prognosis of life of 2 to 3 days.

The patient who requires this measure must be of legal age, be in full use of his or her mental faculties, and request it in writing in the presence of a notary public and two witnesses.

The medical process will be applied by a qualified doctor, although it is established that health personnel will have the right not to participate for personal reasons or conscience.

As filters, the patient must undergo a medical evaluation to determine if they are in any of the cases of terminal illness, irreversible medical condition or agony.

You will have to have an exhaustive psychological evaluation when the treating doctor considers necessary the opinion of a psychiatrist regarding the patient's capacity to make the decision to euthanasia.

There must be at least one doctor or medical committee that reviews the euthanasia request and the patient's evaluation, carried out by the treating doctor.

The initiative is signed by the deputies of Morena, Emmanuel Reyes Carmona; the Morena representative, Selene Ávila; Olegaria Carrazco Macías, Joaquín Zebadúa Alva, Yolis Jiménez Ramirez and Maria Sierra Damián.

From the Citizen Movement: Salomón Chertorivski Woldenberg and Pablo Gil Delgado Ventura. From the PRI parliamentary group: Friné Azuara Yarzábal and Xavier González Zirión. For the Green Ecologist Party Juan Carlos Natale López and the PRD deputy Marcelino Castañeda Navarrete.

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