Deputies approve eliminating Daylight Savings Time in Mexico

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was the one who sent the proposal to end daylight saving time.

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The Chamber of Deputies approved to remove the Summer schedule after being used over the past 26 years. At this time it goes to the Senate for discussion and voting, and if approved, it will come into effect on October 30.

Legislators endorsed issuing the Law of Time Zones and repealing the Law of the Time System with which the Daylight Savings Time is eliminated with 445 votes in favor, 33 abstentions and 8 against.

The endorsed opinion stated:In the national territory there will be a standard schedule that will be established in accordance with the time zones (…) A seasonal timetable (summer time) will only be applied for the states and municipalities of the northern border”.

With this the municipalities in the border area with the United States will maintain summer time so as not to affect commercial exchange.

Summer time was implemented in 1996 and its main objective was energy saving; however, this has been insignificant at 1%.

"Effectively, energy has been saved, but said saving is not significant with respect to the total annual consumption, since only in 2021, the national consumption was 327,000 Gw/h, and the saving due to summer time was 537 Gw/h; that is, 0.16%, the equivalent of 1,138 million pesos”.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He was the one who sent the proposal to end daylight saving time, after he assured that 71 percent of citizens reject it and only .16 percent of national electricity consumption is saved.

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