Depeche Mode: nostalgic Memento

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Andy Fletcher, Depeche Mode keyboardist, died in 2022, a fact that was undoubtedly a tragedy not only for the band's fans, but for its other two members: Dave Gahan and Martin Gore.

But yesterday he was present through his images that were projected on the stage screens and the music he created as one of the founders of the project they conceived more than 40 years ago.

Their presence was not physical, but through the music and the resilience of its other two members and the arrival of Memento Morithe band's 15th album and with which they began a new stage that took them on tour again and, with it, returned to Mexico five years later.

At 9:30 p.m., Foro Sol was a pressure cooker ready to explode, when the big M in the middle of the stage screen lit up and Gore and Gahan appeared on the stage so that, in a very solemn atmosphere, will begin their reunion with their Mexican fans by giving life to My Cosmos Is Mine.

Suddenly, the screens flanking the stage lit up with Gahan's image, followed by Gore's... achieving a moment of mixed feelings: excitement for seeing and hearing the band live once again, and sadness for Fletcher's absence; so it came Wagging Tongue to invade space.

Thank you so much. “How are you, Mexico City?” Gahan asked his fans as the stage was painted red during Walking In My Shoes. Throughout more than four decades on the scene, the 61-year-old vocalist has been characterized by his elegance and sensuality on stage, where he left behind the black jacket with which he initially appeared and unbuttoned the sleeves. of his shirt.

So with that touch dark from the 80s and It's no good, that whole band that found its musical identity with those sounds during its adolescence, opened its throats to sing at the top of its lungs; and although the warnings against smoking or vaping were issued from the entrance, the smell of marijuana was a constant.

The big M lit up in purple tones, the screens, with the band's images, in black and white and the light towards the audience turned purple. Sister Of Night in a moment almost of extreme unction.

Gore and Gahan are over 60 years old, but their presence on stage is as powerful as if they were 20. They both sing, dance and thrill to the core with their music, but, above all, for their love of art and their love for their work. fans, who are visually overdosed.

And these respond to everything that Depeche Mode has prepared, that's why in Everything Counts, when the band illustrated the scene with a video of hands wearing white gloves, many in the audience replicated it by raising theirs with their gloves on. And obviously, Gahan couldn't wait to pull out some of his best dance moves and get the audience to sing along.

Depeche Mode is more alive than ever: Gahan dances and knows what he's doing with every move, especially when he moves his butt; Martin, stoic with his guitar and voice, and songs like Precious and Speak To Me They excite and shake even those who experience a British show for the first time.

TO Question Of Lust It turned the venue into a yellow space where the most fans enjoyed the song written by Gore, but felt and performed by Gahan. Depeche is a duo with the spirit of three souls that take over everything... in the same way that Gore does when he gave life, in acoustic form, to Soul With Melighting the venue with cell phone lights.

Then came the first song of their new stage, the one where they became two. Ghost Againthe first single to come out of the album Memento Mori, and the first song without Fletcher in four decades: a unique moment of resilience for the band who did not hesitate to show the video on the stage screens. And although the fans had the plan to take out their Catrina masks in this song, there were only a few who did so... Without a doubt the fandom of DM is old school.

I Feel You Not only did he bring out Gahan's best moves, but also those of his fans who, whether with a drink, beer, water or coffee in hand, moved to the rhythm of the song.

Shirtless and only wearing a black vest with a pink back, Gahan made it clear why he is one of the best frontman of the 80s. Her intact voice and the most defiant attitude—which even became sexy—gave life to A Pain That I'm Used To.

And of course, the friend, companion and amalgam could not be absent. Fletcher appeared on the screens and on the closest part of the stage where fans showed photos of him, all while World In My Eyes echoed in the room. “Mr. Andrew Fletcher,” Gahan launched so that some chanted the musician's name.

Wrong came to break the status quo of the solemnity of the tribute to Fletcher, but it could not be any other way when DM has been – and will die being – an avant-garde and transgressive band.

After Stripped and John the Revelator Gahan shouted: “Mexico City,” followed by the first notes of Enjoy The Silence, They made the audience dance and tried to imitate the vocalist's steps, but what came out best was singing the iconic song with him; here the fandom It was organized to place a little orange piece of paper in the light of the cell phone.

After a brief farewell, Depeche Mode returned to the stage and gave life to Waiting For The Night... and then they were ready to give the last shot of energy with Just Can't Get Enough, Never Let Me Down Again and Personal Jesus.

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