Dental Fitness and Intraoral Scanner Innovation

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In the constant search to improve the quality of dental care, Dr. Mario García, through his Dental Fitness clinic, reveals How the adoption of intraoral scanners is revolutionizing the dental industry. These advanced technologies offer significant benefits compared to traditional dental impressionsmarking a milestone in patient comfort and clinical precision.

One of the Highlights of this type of digital scanners and intraoral is the speed of the process. Dr. García highlights that, while conventional impressions can be uncomfortable and challenging for patients, intraoral scanners offer an experience similar to taking a photograph.

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In a short time, images of the entire mouth are captured, eliminating the need to repeat defective prints or face unnecessary hasslelike the nauseating feeling that patients have in traditional printing.

“One of the advantages of digital scanners is that if something is wrong – let's assume that an area was wrong or that you didn't like the result – you digitally erase it and do it again quickly,” explains the professional.

The use of intraoral scanners has been backed by rigorous scientific studies that confirm its accuracy. Dr. García assures that these scanners eliminate the distortions associated with conventional impressions, which guarantees higher quality in the final results.

According to Dr. Mario García Cáceres, patient comfort is a priority, and intraoral scanners offer an experience in which patients no longer worry about stains, nausea or discomfort. In addition, modern technology generates amazement and trust among patients, creating a more positive environment in the dental clinic.

Regarding patient safety, Dr. García emphasizes that strict sterilization protocols are followed. Each scanner tip that comes into contact with the mouth is sterilized using autoclaves (a container for sterilizing surgical materials and instruments), guaranteeing a hygienic and safe environment for each patient.

Practical solutions compared to conventional methods

According to Dr. Mario García, the intraoral scanning process is noticeably faster once staff are trained and follow proper protocols. As for detail and color, he mentions that quality varies depending on the make and model of the scanner. However, for detailed aesthetic procedures, precision is a must, and modern intraoral scanners more than meet this requirement.

“Intraoral scanners can be used at all stages of treatment, from diagnosis to placement. By having a complete workflow at Dental Fitness with our laboratory, it is much easier for us to work both in the development of the laboratory and in the work of the clinical part,” commented Dr. García.

For their part, intraoral scanners They offer an additional advantage by being able to integrate with CAD-CAM systems and different laboratories. Dr. García highlights that the versatility of the scanners, especially in open configurations, allows for a fluid workflow and effective collaboration in the creation of dental restorations.

These scanners have become an invaluable resource in modern dentistry. Dental Fitness demonstrates that these devices not only improve the quality of dental treatment, but They also transform the patient experience.

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