Dengue cases in Mexico: which states are most affected

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The Health Secretary shared, through its Epidemiological Surveillance System, the newsletter corresponding to the week 40 due to dengue in the country. In this report, the states that have the highest number of confirmed cases stand out.

​In all of the 32 states of our country, a total of 30,320 confirmed cases of dengue. 71% of these confirmed cases are concentrated in the entities of Yucatán, Veracruz, Quintana Roo, Morelos and Puebla.

What are the ten states with the most cases of dengue?

Within the ten states with the highest number of confirmed cases of denguethey find each other:

  • Yucatanwith 7,523 cases.
  • Veracruzwith 6,402 cases.
  • Quintana Roowith 3,369 cases.
  • Moreloswith 2,300 cases.
  • Pueblawith 2,082 cases.
  • Chiapaswith 1,905 cases.
  • Warriorwith 1,396 cases.
  • Oaxacawith 1,216 cases.
  • Tabascowith 1,121 cases.
  • Campechewith 742 cases.

What is dengue?

He Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) points out that dengue is a disease caused by a virus that is transmitted to people through mosquito bite carrier of the disease.

It is not a disease that is transmitted from one person to another, and currently there is no vaccine to prevent it.

In accordance with the criteria established by the World Health Organization (WHO), dengue is classified into three categories:

  • Non-severe dengue (DNG).
  • Dengue with warning signs (DCSA).
  • severe dengue (DG).

According to the bulletin of the Health Secretary, so far 16,813 cases of DNG, 12,636 cases of DCSA and 871 cases of DG have been registered. To continue monitoring, you can do so through the following link where all weekly reports are published every Sunday.

What are the most affected states?


Yucatán, which presents the highest number of confirmed cases of dengue, reports a total of 3,247 patients with DNG, 4,050 with DCSA and 226 people affected by severe dengue.

The most affected municipalities are Cuncunul, Celestun, Uayma and Tizimin.


The state of Veracruz, which is located in the second place In terms of effects, it has reported 4,763 cases of DNG, 1,548 cases of DCSA and 91 cases of severe dengue.

The most affected municipalities in the state are Teocelo, Zentla, Otatitlán and Orizaba.

Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo, located in the third place of effects, it has registered 1,728 cases of DNG, 1,531 of DCSA and 110 cases of severe dengue.

The most affected municipalities in the entity are José María Morelos, Felipe Carillo Puerto, Tulum and Puente Blanco.


In it fourth place Morelos is located, with 669 patients with DNG, 1,536 with DCSA and 95 cases of severe dengue.

The most affected municipalities in the state are Mazatepec, Miacatlán, Puente de Ixtla and Tetecala.


He fifth state With the highest number of confirmed cases is Puebla, where 1,645 cases of DNG, 408 of DCSA and 29 cases of severe dengue have been detected.

The most affected municipalities in the state are Coatzingo, Tepexco, Cuayuca de Andrade and Cuetzalan.


Chiapas, located in the sixth place On the list of affected states, 968 people with DNG, 873 with DCSA and 64 cases of severe dengue are under monitoring.

The most affected municipalities in the state are San Lucas Chiapas, Amatan, Tecpatán and Francisco León.


He seventh state Guerrero has the highest number of confirmed cases, with 486 cases of DNG, 835 of DCSA and 75 cases of severe dengue.

The municipalities affected in the entity are Xochihuehuetlán, Huamuxtitlán, Taxco de Alarcón and San Luis Acatlán.


Oaxaca, in the eighth place In the list of affected states, it has detected 581 cases of DNG, 593 of DCSA and 42 cases of severe dengue.

The affected municipalities in the state are San Pedro Taviche, San Pedro Juchatengo, San Pedro Mártir and Rojas de Cuauhtémoc.


He ninth state Tabasco has the highest number of confirmed cases, with 701 cases of DNG, 370 of DCSA and 50 cases of severe dengue.

The most affected municipalities in the state are Balancán, Comalcalco, Paraíso and Teapa.


In it tenth place Campeche is on the list, with 350 cases of DNG, 371 of DCSA and 21 cases of severe dengue.

The most affected municipalities in the state are Hecelchakán, Campeche, Calikini and Escarcega.

How to avoid having mosquitoes at home?

The recommendations of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), for prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes is to avoid placing containers with water such as the bucket, the sink, leaving the water tanks open, since, in the accumulation of these places, the female takes advantage to lay their eggs.

"What happens is that the female mosquito lays its eggs in waterthen if there is no water, you will not have a proliferation of mosquitoes in our gardens"he commented the Cinvestav specialist, Rosa María del Ángel.

María del Ángel explained that Zika and dengue mosquitoes are insects that they fly few kilometersso they live in the house of the people they bite or at people's work.


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