Demure Mexicans from Israel arrive in Madrid

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The first group of 158 Mexicans rescued from Israel, after the attacks by the Hamas group a week ago, arrived in Madrid early this Sunday, as part of the airlift established by the foreign affairs ministries (SRE) and the National defense (Sedena), through the Mexican Air Force (FAM).

Through its social network account Quirino OrdazIn addition, a special rate was arranged for those who want to continue with their return to Mexico and the installation of special shelters.

In the early morning, the SRE reported on the boarding process of the two FAM aircraft, Boeing 737-800, with registration numbers 3527 and 3528, at the airport facilities in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

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At the Ben Gurion International Airport, the crew of the two Mexican Air Force planes of the @SEDENAmx, coordinated with the support of the @SRE_mx and @EmbaMexIsr, successfully completed the boarding of 158 nationals who used the air bridge between Tel Aviv and Madrid. Both aircraft are in flight and will land in Madrid, to be received by the Amb. @QuirinoOC from @EmbaMexEsp. The first aircraft took off at 2:46 AM, CDMX time, while the second took off at 3:15 AM, from Tel Aviv. #DiplomaciaCercaDeTi #DiplomaciaCercaDeTi,” wrote the Foreign Ministry in a first post by X.

After four hours of direct flight between the two cities, the military planes in the rescue mission led by General Leobardo Ávila Bojórquez, arrived at their destination.

This Sunday, in Madrid, Spain, the first Mexicans transferred from the Israel and Palestine area through the airlift from Tel Aviv were received by Amb. @QuirinoOC from @EmbaMexEsp. #ConsularProtectionMX takes shape with this air bridge between Tel Aviv and Madrid, with the aircraft of the Mexican Air Force of @SEDENAmx and the coordination of the @SRE_mx. #SRECercaDeTi #DiplomaciaCercaDeTi #DiplomaciaContundente”, SER reported on the arrival of Mexicans at the Barajas International Airport, in the Spanish capital.

In another message it was reported that the help that the countrymen began to receive, in relation to their decision to continue with their return to Mexico or stay a few days in Spain.

From Spain, the @EmbaMexEsp managed a preferential price for nationals of the air bridge, for seats on the Madrid-Mexico flights with the Iberia airline, as support for the return to our country. Likewise, there will be discounts in hotels and hostels in the Spanish capital,” it was explained in the Foreign Ministry's post.

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