Demonstrations continue in the so-called takeover of Lima in Peru | News

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Peruvian social organizations, movements and protesters continue this Thursday with the mobilization in Lima to demand the resignation of the current president Dina Boluarte and the closure of Congress.


Police repression leaves at least 11 injured in Peru

“The people united will never be defeated”, “Dina murderess, drug criminal”, “The people repudiates the usurper Dina”, are some of the slogans raised by the demonstrators, who go to the Palace of Justice.

For its part, the Ombudsman of Peru said that they are deployed in various parts of the city of Lima and also in Central 105 of the Peruvian Police with the aim of monitoring the development of the current mobilizations and guaranteeing the right to peaceful protest of citizens.

In the same way, other residents kept the Ilave bridge blocked for the second day in protest against the government, while the National Unitary Coordinator of Struggle of Peru, which brings together various social organizations at the national level, announced a new demonstration for Saturday, July 22.

Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Coordinator Peru (CNDDHH) from its Twitter account pointed out that last night at the door of the Alfonso Ugarte Police Station, located in the center of Lima, undercover police officers harassed journalists and lawyers from the human rights entity, who went to the police station after denouncing arrests.

Similarly, the Women's sector of the New Peru Movement Ayer recalled yesterday's mobilization. "Yesterday, we took to the streets to protest against the dictatorship of Dina Boluarte and her criminal coalition, against Congress and for the memory of our murdered brothers."

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