Democrats in tight gubernatorial race


The Democratic election in the primaries on Tuesday the 19th has put citizens before one of the closest contests in recent times.

There are nine candidates seeking the nomination of that party that will face the one that emerges from the Republican primaries that will take place the same day.

But according to the latest Goucher College poll for Banner and WYPR, three of them have the best chance of winning: Peter Franchot, the current state comptroller, received 16 percent of voters’ preferences, while Tom Pérez, a former US Secretary of Labor, and author Wes Moore are close behind, with 14 percent support from Democratic voters.

Additionally, the gap between the three is within the poll’s 4.9 percent margin of error, making the race a statistical tie.

It should be noted that just over a third of voters (35%) remained undecided.

All this happens precisely when the three were invited to debate on the WYPR Midday radio program scheduled for this Friday the 1st, which will be broadcast just over two weeks before the crucial primary election of the Democrats in Maryland.

However, at the last minute, Franchot rejected the invitation, under the pretext that the other candidates, who received less support in the aforementioned survey, would not participate.

Tom Pérez, the only Hispanic in the running, and Moore, a former executive director of a nonprofit organization, criticized Franchot’s decision.

“It is worrying that Peter Franchot keeps finding excuse after excuse to avoid this conversation. That is not what leaders do,” Pérez said in a statement.

For his part, Moore campaign spokesman Brian Jones said “Peter Franchot was going to find any excuse he could to hide from Maryland voters.”

Franchot was not silent. “We believe the public forums should be open to all candidates in the Democratic primary,” a campaign spokesman said in a statement. “All of the candidates have worked tirelessly over the past year and deserve a fair chance to speak to voters,” he added.

The show’s host, Tom Hall, who called the debate “a free discussion,” confirmed that he plans to continue with just Moore and Perez.

“I hope to give voters another chance to hear what the candidates have to say before voting,” he said. “It certainly would have been better if we had had all three candidates literally tied statistically.”

Meanwhile, early voting begins on July 7 and ends on July 14. Mail-in ballots have already been sent to their recipients.

They can register during early voting or even on primary day at their polling place.

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