Demand PVEM to eradicate clandestine farms of companion animals


The Parliamentary Group of the PVEM urged the state and municipal governments, as well as the mayors of Mexico City, to take the necessary measures to prevent, punish and eradicate the reproduction and breeding of dogs and cats in unauthorized places.

The foregoing, in order to avoid the overexploitation of these animals in street conditions and encourage their dignified and respectful treatment.

Through a point of agreement, the environmentalist deputy Rocío Corona Nakamura explained that there are more and more people who, in the patios of their homes, are dedicated to the breeding and reproduction of dogs and cats for sale. However, in most cases, these sites are managed by improvised people, without the necessary knowledge to attend and care for the animals.

“In these places, in addition to the overexploitation of female dogs and cats for reproductive purposes, the animals live in deplorable conditions, since they do not have enough space for their recreation, they are not fed correctly and the majority of times without any hygiene measures,” the legislator said in a statement.

He referred that this situation also represents a risk for society, due to the non-existent care measures in relation to the management and disposal of their waste, the issue of vaccination and disease prevention and the safety of those who live in those private homes or clandestine farms. .

He also mentioned that the population of stray dogs and cats in our country grows, on average, 20 percent each year, which, to a large extent, is due to the uncontrolled reproduction that occurs in clandestine breeders.

“This has been an old problem, which has grown due to the misunderstanding of the responsible authorities, but also due to the irresponsibility of the society that buys animals without verifying their origin,” he emphasized.

Currently, some cities have managed to ban the sale of dogs and cats on public roads, in semi-fixed stalls, in markets or in street markets. Without a doubt, this has been a significant step in terms of protection and care of pets.

However, “as far as the domestic reproduction of dogs and cats is concerned, nothing has been done. For this reason, we must work, not to regulate these sites, but to eradicate them, since they represent a danger, both for animals and for society in general”, Corona Nakamura concluded.

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