Delve into the mystery; crime novel week

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This is how the organizers define Black Novel Week FG Haghenbeckwhose second edition will take place from October 16 to 21 at various venues in Querétaro.

At a press conference, held at the Vasconcelos Library, the director of Artistic Education and Cultural Services of the entity's Ministry of Culture, Carlos Rubio Reyes, explained that in this edition there will be 18 book presentations and more than 30 writers from around the world will participate. Spain, Argentina, United States and Mexico.

He detailed that six events will be held at universities such as the Autonomous University of Querétaro, the Anáhuac University and the Tecnológica de Corregidora. And the International Black Novel Awards will be awarded A twist and the Filibert for the best work in the noir and police genre published in 2022.

For his part, the writer Carlos René Padilla added that, to make this Week a complete experience for lovers of the genre, two free graphic narrative and short story workshops have been prepared “for those who seek to enter the world of creating stories.” ; In addition, three keynote lectures will be given that will open the mind to the deepest aspects of the crime novel.”

To close the meeting, he added, a documentary will be shown that will show that “telling stories is useless, it does not fix lives, but it is a way of understanding the unthinkable,” as the writer Valeria Luiselli pointed out.

And Lucía García, coordinator of the Querétaro Editorial Fund, pointed out that Black Novel Week “will provide the opportunity to address current social problems and generate reflection on them, from the causes, effects and possible solutions.”

Among the writers who will participate are Élmer Mendoza, Diego Enrique Osorno, Carlos René Padilla, Gabriel Velázquez Toledo, Vicente Alfonso, Diana Pérez, Jaime Zúñiga Burgos, JJ Mason, Tania
Tinajero, José Salvador Ruiz, Nylsa Martínez, Dolores Reyes, Manya Loría, Elíer Lizárraga, José Juan Aboytia, Luis Arturo Salmerón and Jorge Alberto Gudiño.


  • Among the writers who will participate in the Black Novel Week are: Élmer Mendoza, Diego Enrique Osorno, Carlos RenĂ© Padilla, and Gabriel Velázquez.

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