Delgado denounces that Xóchitl Gálvez tries to take political advantage of the misfortune in Guerrero

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The national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, reported that Xochitl Galvez electorally uses the volunteers who are enlisting in the “xochitlovers” organization to go to Guerrero to provide services to those affected by the Hurricane “Otis”.

In a video broadcast on his social networks, Delgado Carrillo, indignant, questioned why in the “xochitlovers” volunteer registration form, people are asked to share their electoral section to register.

Like why the PRI and PAN candidate asks for the electoral section, what good is it for her. If it is information that is only useful for the electoral organization, to know in which box you have to vote, this reveals that even in misfortune they want to take political advantage and deceive the people they are inviting as volunteers to obtain the information that they later use to use for electoral purposes, it is not valid, the right cannot have this behavior and engage in scavenger politics,” said Mario Delgado.

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He stressed that we must have respect and a sense of humanity for the people who are suffering in Warrior“it's not worth it, Madam candidate, it's not worth trying to take political advantage in everything and always deceiving people,” Delgado Carrillo concludes in her video.

At the beginning he explained that people from Guerrero asked him to report this fact because he is taking advantage of people who want to volunteer to obtain data for electoral purposes.

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