Delfina a candidate in disguise


Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

Faithful to their bad practices of violating the laws or skipping them with legal maneuvers, the morenistas advance their candidate for the government of the State of Mexico under the guise of coordinator of the Defense Committees of the 4th Transformation in the Mexican entity.

Ten months before the election and 7 before the start of the campaigns, the still Secretary of Education Delfina G贸mez begins her proselytizing campaign towards the elections for governor of the State of Mexico in the coming days, after the finger, disguised with a survey, which he received from the National Palace.

The morenistas go through the triumphal arch of the Electoral law and as many laws as they come across, -“don’t tell me that the law is the law”- they get away with it and from next week, perhaps, they will have a candidate in campaign although the electoral times are still far away.

The president knows that the State of Mexico is the jewel in the crown in terms of governorships of the country’s states, it is the entity with the largest number of voters, 12 million, and it is the laboratory for what is coming in 2024, which is the presidential election.

L贸pez Obrador also knows that for 92 years the PRI has dominated the State of Mexico, which in recent years the so-called Atlacomulco Group has taken over, although not all the last governors of Edomex have come from that municipality. And he knows that winning that entity is key to his aspirations in 2024, which so far seem to be to leave one unconditional person in the National Palace.

Delfina G贸mez lost 5 years ago to the PRI member Alfredo del Mazo with just 2.7 percent of the vote, but now the conditions are different, however that does not prevent them from giving an albazo ahead of time to win the race, Roberto style Madrazo.

Meanwhile, the opposition sleeps and everything seems to indicate that this time there will be no PAN-PRI-PRD alliance. For now, Marko Cort茅s, the leader of Acci贸n Nacional, yesterday uncovered Enrique Vargas, the leader of the PAN faction in the State Congress, while in the PRI two women are fighting for the candidacy: Alejandra del Moral and Ana L铆lia Herrera, and in the MC Senator Juan Manuel Zepeda raised his hand. It seems difficult for them to agree.


An apology for an error attributable to my cognitive impairment. In my previous collaboration I put why involve DHL? when in reality I meant OHL, the Spanish company owned by Enrique Pe帽a Nieto鈥 Where is the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, who hasn’t appeared at the National Palace for several mornings? The president says he has a coronavirus, could it be?… The Article 19 organization warned about the threats received by the Morelos journalist Rossy Linares and her son by the mayor of Cuautla Rodrigo Arredondo L贸pez after the Morelos communicator uploaded some photographs to his Facebook page where he reported that “in the ice factory where the mayor of Cuautla Rodrigo Arredondo L贸pez has organized gatherings, people come and go”, right in one of them the son of the mayor appeared. That was the day of Morena’s internal elections. He filed a complaint on time.



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