Deco anticipates Messi's farewell match at the new Camp Nou | Video

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decorationsports director of FC Barcelonaexplained the Catalan club's intention to organize a farewell and tribute match to Lionel Messi with the Blaugrana shirt, in a few years when the culé legend finishes his career, in the remodeled Camp Nou.

In an interview with the Brazilian media Throw, former culé footballer, now manager, declared:

It will be a farewell match, but maybe in the new stadium when it's ready. He will always be the biggest idol in the club's history. He will surely play a farewell match at Barcelona. When it will be? We do not know. He is playing and I hope he plays for more years, because people who like football will be happy to see him happy.

The ex-Brazilian nationalized Portuguese soccer player thus referred to a Messi who once again sounded like a reinforcement for Barcelona even for this winter market.

He's happy now and that's what I think he had to look for in his career. Returning to Barcelona would be something spectacular, because he is the best player in history, but things ended up happening like this and you can tell that he is happy. That's what matters most.

In the same way, decoration explained the difficulty of having finalized something with Neymar. “He is a fantastic player. Obviously he would fit in at Barcelonabut There was never a real chance, beyond the desire I had to return from Barcelona,” he noted.

decoration made an assessment since took office this summer as sports director of Barcelona.

This summer has been very complex. It was not an easy window, because we had the limitations of Financial Fair Play that forced us to be intelligent when approaching the market. This phase passed and now it is the day to day life, after the games, the relationship with the coach, which is important. I have a fantastic relationship with Xavi and things have gone very well.

Besides, Deco assessed the possible early arrival of Vitor Roque, signed this summer in anticipation of the next campaign.

We know that we have one of the best center forwards in the world, which is Lewandowski, but the time will come when we will need someone for that position. For Vitor, being able to join Barcelona with a reference like Lewandowski would be a fantastic learning experience. We are trying to make this happen as soon as possible.

(With information from Europa Press)

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