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The most difficult thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn.

Bertrand Russell

Ibrat means, in Urdu, the lesson learned after an event in our life; In Arabic the same word means advice. And how important it is to choose to learn from a lesson as a result of what happens to us, regardless of its nature, because although we tend to focus more on those lessons learned in difficulty, how much more should we do so in moments when circumstances align with what is desired.

We minimize happiness, and we magnify the difficulty, a bad prognosis in the balance of life when you want to be happy, hence the imperious need, foolishness and insistence to be so, hence the bravery with which we seek and the immediacy with which we achieve it. enjoy. The truth is that, by being grateful and learning what you feel, you reflect and live being happy. We would need little more arsenal to alleviate the complicated circumstances of our existence. However, for some, the wound, the bad moment, the bad memory and the bad experience are a greater teacher and this is how they tip their balance and, with it, the tendency of their thoughts, their choices, their feelings and their actions.

And the worst thing is not that one learns from pain, no, the worst thing is that whoever learns from there also becomes an easy prey to fear, uncertainty, distrust; This is how shells, limits, apathy, traumas, victims and fools are built. Life is looked at very differently from the other side of the scale because whoever lives from the accumulation of gratitude and happiness, also lives on the side of freedom, of forgiveness, not of forgetting... but yes and always on the side of learning, of the lesson well learned. For the latter, it is not that life has given them license to face difficult, painful and even agonizing moments, no, what does make the difference between some and others is the lesson with which we choose to stay and in favor of whom we choose that lesson. lesson, from oneself or from others, from the moment, from the circumstance or from the thing. It is the meaning that we give beyond what happened, beyond the circumstance, of those involved and of ourselves, the meaning is what motivates the change, it is the value that we give to what we experienced and it is finally what That lesson is summarized, the one that must add to our evolution or involution, the one that liberates us or condemns us, the one that drives us or paralyzes us.

Believe me, the best lessons you can learn in life are the ones that put you in favor of it. Those that grant us the necessary learning, security, confidence and courage to move forward. Those that also grant us the freedom to choose and, above all, the freedom to declare that we have the capacity to modify our reality, commit ourselves and assume the power, authority and exercise of our decisions. Declarations are that inner force that allows us to reprogram our thinking, it is that impetus with which we challenge the circumstances of what happens to us and choose our next step. It is the attitude with which we choose to embrace the experience and take charge of it.

So, the next time you are faced with a circumstance of nature that requires you to make a choice, think of the word ibrat, choose to understand the meaning and learn the lesson and choose with it which side of the scale to place. that learning, what you want to accumulate, who you want to become after that choice and declare yourself in favor of it. Circumstances do not have the power to determine our lives, what we do with them does. No matter how painful it may have been, don't give in to the difficulty, don't let it color you, tarnish you, learn, honor the life you have and move on. The only thing that can change the past is the present and this present, the future, do not walk the same paths... learning is what allows you to open new routes, discover new horizons, look at the sky in a different way and breathe new air, no fear the circumstance better understand what it is freeing you from... as always, you choose.

Happy statements, happy lives!

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