Debris removal work begins at ISSSTE in Acapulco

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Work began on removal of debris of the General Hospital of Acapulco, Guerrero, damaged by the hurricane Otisreported the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (Issste).

There are still four hospitalized patients, after having made transfers to the Chilpancingo Hospital Clinic, to the "Centenario de la Revolución" Regional High Specialty Hospital, in Morelos, and to the “November 20” National Medical Center, in Mexico City.

Furthermore, in approximately 10 days the mobile hospital will be installed and operating which consists of two domes with a space for 80 beds; will allow providing medical care to the entire population and accelerate the work carried out at the Acapulco HG.

“120 hours after the passage of Hurricane Otis, conditions in the HG are improving. The insurance company has arrived, We are in the process of cleaning the property that was very damaged.”explained the general director of the Issste, Pedro Zenteno Santaella.

In addition, 53 people from the Civil Protection cleaning brigade of the Autonomous University of Guerrero, They removed trees and debris that prevented ambulance access.

We are working to rehabilitate the hospital, as well as the Acapulco Family Medicine Unit (UMF), which was heavily damaged. The five peripheral clinics were also reviewed, which have minor damages, and we hope that next week they will be serving beneficiaries in their communities,” he added.

The HG of Acapulco continues to provide medical care, both to beneficiaries and to the general population; with the support of the three levels of government The issues of electricity and drinking water have been resolved, which has allowed the service to continue to those who require it 24 hours a day, treating an average of 30 patients a day.

He pointed out that The transport that transports the personnel who work in the hospital is in operation to their homes, many live on the outskirts of Acapulco, in order to attend to their family and work activities.

The same way, Food, supplies and drinking water arrived, both for patients and staff.


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