Debanhi Escobar’s family will request a second expert opinion; there are indications of sexual abuse


Omar Tamezwho was accredited as president of the Northeast Regional Council of the International Commission on Human Rights, assured that the young woman’s family Debanhi Escobar has information to request a second expertise.

Before the media, the representative of the Commissionalso indicated that there are irregularities and confirmed that there are indications of sexual abuse on the young woman’s body.

For his part, the father of the victim, mario escobar, assured that he will leave the case in the hands of the Commission.

In accordance with Tamez Salazarthe family detected irregularities so the Commission will monitor that the institutions take charge and do things in accordance with the law.

The objective, he indicated, is to carry out a second autopsy to the body of the young woman and assured that the family is willing to exhume it, although she assured that there are sufficient indications “to let him rest.”

It was confirmed that Debanhi Escobar suffered blows to various parts of the body such as the head and the expensive.

It would be in the next 48 hours when it is determined whether this new expert opinion will be carried out.

The father of Debanhi it was said open to instances of the Federal government attract investigations and assured that he will continue working to clarify the death of his daughter.

Debanhi Escobar He disappeared on April 9, after leaving a meeting with her friends in a villa called The Diamond, in the municipality of Escobedo. But it was not until 13 days later that his body was found in a cistern at the Nueva Castilla motel in Nuevo LeΓ³n.


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