Death toll rises to 181 due to rains in Petrópolis, Brazil | News


The recent Civil Defense report reported this Monday that the death toll rose to 181 after heavy rains last week in the city of Petrópolis, Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, which caused several landslides and floods.


Death toll rises to 152 after landslides in Petrópolis

Through its account on the social network Twitter, Civil Defense specified that, at 7:15 p.m. (local time), 24 people were also rescued alive, while 867 are homeless and 1,163 landslides were reported.

Local authorities have cataloged this event as the worst recorded in the history of the city with respect to the number of deaths, since in 1988, in a similar situation due to rain, there were 171 deaths.

For its part, the Military Fire Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro has indicated that its troops continue the search and rescue of the victims.

The inclement weather has hindered the rescue work, to which reinforcements from various states of the country have joined. Firefighters estimate that about 110 people are still missing.

For its part, the Civil Police began efforts to collect DNA in order to speed up the identification of the victims. According to the entity, more than 140 bodies have already been identified.

In line with this, the United Nations Organization (UN) warned that, if the pertinent measures are not taken to adapt to climate change, the number of deaths due to floods may increase considerably in the coming years.

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