Death toll from Typhoon Megi in the Philippines rises to 175 | News


The National Council for Risk Reduction and Management of the Philippines reported this Tuesday an increase of 175 fatalities after the passage of tropical storm Megi, known locally as Agaton, a meteorological phenomenon originated in the middle of the Holy Week celebrations.


Typhoon Megi claims 138 lives in the Philippines with its floods

Likewise, the entity records that at least 110 people are still missing, while eight people remain as injured by the effects caused during the storm.

Prior to the storm, local authorities evacuated a total of 35,000 residents, while as a result of Typhoon Megi, more than 323,000 locals abandoned their residences.

It is worth specifying that it caused the total flooding of 787 areas, at least 90 landslides, affected the electrical service of 76 regions, and damaged 10,500 homes, of which 760 homes are totally destroyed.

Among the most affected regions in the Asian country are Leyte, where costly damage to agricultural areas, facilities and port resources is calculated; Abuyon, which remains inundated with mud; and Pilar, where local authorities estimate no survivors.

According to the preliminary evaluation of the National Council, the country registered an estimated loss of 257 million pesos (4.9 million dollars) after the passage of typhoon Megi.

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