Death toll from Hurricane Otis in Mexico increases to 48 | News

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The National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) of Mexico reported on Monday that the number of deaths and disappearances rose to 48, respectively, due to the impact of Hurricane Otis that devastated the state of Guerrero on October 25.


Mexican government offers balance of aid to those affected by Otis

15 days after the passage of the meteor, which made landfall in the resort of Acapulco as a category 5 hurricane and became the strongest hydrometeorological phenomenon in the climatological history of the North American country, the search for missing people continues, as well as the count of material damage.

The text released by the CNPC recorded one more death than the number offered by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in his usual morning conference this day.

According to the president, there were 47 deaths and 53 missing people, but the CNPC report put both the deaths and the missing at 48 people.

López Obrador assured on Monday that the budget for the recovery of the port area of ​​Acapulco is “sufficient” and “there is no limit to what is needed to rebuild economic and tourist activity in the resort, serving everyone, with preference to the most vulnerable people.” poor, more needy, which is what we are doing,” he noted.

Last week, the Mexican Government estimated the cost of reparations and government support to the victims at 61,313 million pesos (more than 3,490 million dollars). However, the business chambers provided two years and up to 300,000 million pesos (17.09 million dollars) for the reconstruction of Acapulco.

The president's words followed the decision of the National Congress to put the Government's budget for 2024 to a vote, questioned by several sectors for not including a specific item for the reconstruction of the state of Guerrero after the historic cyclone.

López Obrador has committed to “getting Acapulco back on its feet” by Christmas, discarding the forecast of the business chambers, which is why he presented a 20-point plan and estimated the cost for the companies at 61,313 million pesos (3,492 million dollars). reparations and social support in the southern state of Guerrero after the Otis coup.

Last Thursday, the Mexican Executive signed a disaster declaration for 47 of the 84 municipalities of Guerrero, and reduced it to Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez, as the only two most affected areas.

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