Death parades between music and color

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The Death took over the streets of the Mexico City to show that here he is celebrated with music, dance and a lot colorful.

He Grand Day of the Dead Parade of Mexico City 2023 was a carnival dedicated, with all due respect, to Huesuda herself.

Some paraded four thousand people of 65 troupes and 65 floatsincluding the trailer of the La Changa Sound that made its enormous speakers rumble.

Was pre-Hispanic dancershuehuenches, chinelos, tlachiqueros, charros, pachucos, jarochos, wrestlers, mariachisChinese women from Puebla, band musicians, boleros and even symphony musicians, taxi driverscircuses, sanqueros, catrines and catrinas, rumberas and a whole range of characters who only shared one characteristic: They had a skull face in honor of the White Girl.

They were accompanied by xoloescuincleshummingbirds, monarch butterflies, axolotls, horses, iguanas, owls and alebrijes, animals that serve or communicate with The holy death.

For several hours they danced, they sang, they shouted and they celebrated this funeral party on Paseo de la Reforma and the Historical Center before the gaze of hundreds of thousands of people who settled along the route of eight kilometers from La Puerta de LThe Lions in Chapultepec to the capital's Zócalo.

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The head of Government of Mexico City, Marti Batressaid that it was the highlight of the celebrations for the Day of the Dead.

"For centuries we have swept the paths for our ancestors to arrive, now we fill the avenues with cempasuchil flowers and we reach the peak moment of these festivities," he said.

Although the parade began with a movie James Bondsome viewers said that it does serve to preserve the Mexican traditions.

"The film helped a lot to make our culture known," said Arlén González.

"I found it sensational, all the artists who parade, the effort they make, the masks, their costumes, the cultural beauty we have in Mexico is impressive. I am proud to be Mexican and to participate and understand this festival," said Esther Cruz.

Tourists They also gave their approval to the celebration of La Muerte.

"I had a good time, all the troupes, everything was very good, we came from Bogota to see it and everything was very good," said Laura Cifuentes.

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And some foreign They learned that Death is celebrated.

"We don't have to take death as something sad and serious, but as something natural," said José, a Spanish tourist who painted his face like a skull.

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