Death of sea lions due to avian flu confirmed in Uruguay | News

Death of sea lions due to avian flu confirmed in
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Authorities from the University of the Republic of Uruguay warned this Monday of the dangers of the outbreak of avian flu (H5N1) among the population of sea lions in a protected area of ​​Isla de Lobos, located eight km southeast of the resort “Punta del This".


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The island located at the southernmost point of Uruguay is the natural reserve where the largest colony of sea lions in the Western Hemisphere is located, and so far it is unknown whether the infections were due to the ingestion of carrier birds, or due to infection between peers. , within the same species.

In recent weeks, dozens of dead animals have been found on the Uruguayan coast and it is presumed that all of them were infected by bird flu. Specialists warned that sea lions are especially susceptible to the virus but it is not yet clear if they can infect each other.

A study detected that the cases are associated with the entry of wild birds that migrated along the Pacific coasts, the variant decreased throughout South America and then made the jump in species.

Animals that die on the Uruguayan coast are located and georeferenced daily by authorities and then buried in the sand. This Tuesday, the teams from the Canelones mayor's office buried two specimens contaminated and killed by bird flu.

The authorities recommend that local residents do not go down to the beach with domestic animals, the objective is to prevent further spread of the virus.

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