De la Reguera returns as a gala for the 2nd season of “Ana”


The second season of the comedy “Ana” promises more entanglements and romantic complications than the first, in addition to the fact that the protagonist suffers from having what she wanted so much: more fame and work as an actress.

After being dangerously close to ruin, Ana now has a leading role in a popular series called “Los Adame”, based on, or rather copied from, “Los Locos Adams”. But instead of being the Morticia that she longed for, Ana plays Mortadela due to a trap by Check (Andrés Almeida), whom she snubbed, leaving him as “just friends” with rights.

“It’s this thing that the series is about which is ‘careful what you wish for,’” Ana de la Reguera, creator, screenwriter, star and executive producer of “Ana,” said in a video call interview. “She thinks that finally all her dreams are going to come true… and it turns out that it was not what she expected.”

The new season of “Ana”, which premieres on Friday in the United States and Puerto Rico on Pantaya and in more than 240 countries on Amazon Prime Video, begins with a dazzling episode, written by De la Reguera, which takes place in a glamorous television award show in which Ana and the cast of “Los Adame” compete with Aracely Arámbula and Carmen Salinas, in one of the last roles of the late Mexican leading actress, who incidentally speaks ill of Ana in the episode.

“It was very special for me because many colleagues and friends entered the game, entered to play in this fiction, in a certain way also making fun of themselves, as I make fun of myself,” De la Reguera said about the special participation of these actresses.

He said that he has known Arámbula since they were studying acting at the Televisa Artistic Education Center, from which many famous actors have graduated: “We studied in the same room,” he said.

The envy against Ana is not only outside the set; In “Los Adame”, there is a rivalry between her and her co-star Martes, played by Argentine actress Antonia Robolini, a girl whom she tries to sabotage and unmask, because Ana is convinced that her mother is not dead as she says.

“An 8-year-old girl is her biggest rival,” De la Reguera said. “In itself my character is like a late adolescent, also for that reason it was necessary that my (co) protagonist be a girl because it is almost, almost, the mental maturity that Ana has at certain times and certain things, and that makes it too very funny”.

Ana gets into a job mess after a rudeness that leads her to destroy a set and, as much as she tries to leave “Los Adame”, she is tied by contract to the production and to her character.

“It’s the lie on top of the lie, the lie, the lie,” De la Reguera said. “These master plans that Ana makes to get fired.”

In love, Ana apparently has her heart occupied by her Papasito, who this season is played by David Palacio after the departure of Carlos Miranda, who left the production due to work commitments in the United States and due to travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

“It was impossible that I could be in both productions,” said De La Reguera. “We had to do an arduous search for someone who would really give this character and not just that, but bring something else to the table. Papasito this season sings and plays the jarana and David Palacio sings beautifully and plays. I think he benefited a little from that change”.

But it doesn’t take long for Ana to meet her Chock (Paulina Dávila) again and begin to desire her. Tina Romero also returns as Ana’s mother, who is very well settled living with her daughter; her sister Ali Gua Gua, LatinTuber (Paly Duval) and her dog.

“I tried to return to almost all the characters from the first season because people loved them very much and they are my colleagues who believed in the project,” said de La Reguera.

If in the first season we get to know Ana and her most personal side, including her failures and obsessions, in this season we see her in action in the entertainment industry and especially what happens behind the scenes. For the third and final season, De la Reguera promises that there will be a more intimate tone.

Meanwhile, Ana and Papasito dream of going to Veracruz, the actress’s homeland, which is portrayed in an episode that “you’re going to love,” said De la Reguera.

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