DC shows full support for Ukraine against Russian aggression

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The community in general of the Washington metropolitan area, and especially in the District of Columbia (DC), have not stood idly by in support of the millions of Ukrainians who are currently suffering from an invasion of their territory. from Russia.

Many towns and cities, as well as civilian targets, have been destroyed by shelling and attack by the invading troops.

Given this circumstance, activists, organizations and companies in DC and the United States are intensifying efforts to support the Ukrainians and especially the children who suffer from this attack by the Russians.

This is a small list of actions that take place in the nation's capital and in which representatives of the Hispanic community could not miss:

  • DC's Dacha Beer Garden is raising funds for Ukraine. Zoriana Makar, manager of Dacha Beer Garden, originally from Ternopil in western Ukraine, said that as long as the war continues, "we are definitely going to do something here and try to raise as much money as we can." The money they raise will go to groups such as the UNICEF Ukraine Emergency Fund and Razom for Ukraine.
  • DC Hispanic celebrity chef José Andrés is on the ground in Poland with his non-profit organization World Central Kitchen feeding Ukrainian refugees. He has already served thousands of meals to those fleeing violence in his country. You can make a donation to the World Central Kitchen online.
  • The Gaithersburg, Maryland-based nonprofit United Help Ukraine is seeking donations. Roxolana Wynar, a resident of Arlington, Virginia, who has family and friends in Ukraine, said, “We need people to donate money and help with this initiative. Because the loss of life is really serious right now." Get more information online.
  • The Jewish Foundation of Greater Washington has created an Emergency Fund for Ukraine. "The Federation and our partners on the ground in Ukraine are coordinating to ensure that we can quickly meet the urgent and emerging humanitarian needs of the more than 200,000 members of Ukraine's Jewish community." Donate online.
  • The American Red Cross said it continues to support at-risk families in Ukraine, calling the humanitarian situation on the ground there "extreme." He said that the Ukrainian Red Cross has already distributed more than 30,000 food and hygiene packages and is assisting in the evacuations. Donations can be made online.
  • The organization Médecins Sans Frontières said it remains in Ukraine to help deal with the escalation of the crisis, although it has had to stop normal operations: “Our supply centers are currently preparing kits for rapid shipment. We have sent additional emergency teams to the region, and our staff are currently assessing the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and other neighboring countries." You can donate online.
  • Abundance International works with orphanages in the Ukraine to provide medicine, practical supplies, physical therapy equipment and renovations. "War has come to Ukraine, and these orphans desperately need your help," the nonprofit organization wrote on its website. Donations can be made online.

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