DC announces plan to give careers to more families


With an investment of 24.8 million dollars, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Monday the 19th the historic launch and expansion of the innovative Professional Mobility Action Pilot Plan (Career MAP), with which she will focus on redoubling her commitment to giving more families in the District of Columbia a fair chance to aspire to the middle class.

The authority also inaugurated the modernized Taylor Street Service Center in District 4 of DC.

The new Career MAP pilot program will provide housing and income assistance, career advancement and family support to 600 families emerging from homelessness.

“We know that with time and support, we can empower families to reach their goals and reach their full potential,” the mayor said. β€œWith the Career MAP program, we are sending families a simple message: We continue to believe in you and we will continue to support you.”

The initial version of the pilot program, designed to serve 300 families in the District, will see $11.7 million in federal funding over three years made available to the District under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Three hundred families have already signed up for the pilot program, and on Monday Muriel Bowser announced a $13.1 expansion of the program that will allow another 300 families to enroll in 2023.

Through Career MAP, the District will provide up to $10,000 in cash assistance to these families, allowing parents to further their careers without worrying about the “benefit gap,” which is when a person loses their benefits due to obtaining higher income.

Career MAP is an initiative designed to remove the barriers families face when seeking employment that can support their families, Bowser said.

β€œMost importantly, this program recognizes families as drivers of their own success and the program will tailor service connections to meet the needs of individual participants,” he added.

Through the pilot program, families who have experienced homelessness and are committed to finding a career for their children will receive assistance for up to five years.

“For many District residents struggling to achieve their career, financial and family goals, the sudden and often unexpected change in public benefits can take a toll on their homes,” said Laura Green Zeilinger, director of the DC Department of Human Services. . “Through the Career MAP program, the District will remove barriers to economic mobility and support families in reaching their career goals.”

During the ceremony, Mayor Bowser also cut the inaugural ribbon and toured the newly modernized Taylor Street Service Center.

The center received a $5.2 million renovation.

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