Dayanara Torres reveals how she feels with her current partner: "I'm enjoying it"

Dayanara Torres at the 2019 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year gala

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Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres turned 30 having been crowned and was honored this week in the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, located in San Juan, where the program "Lo Sé Todo" spoke with her and revealed how she feels with her current partner.

The reporter asked her if she was happy and beautiful because of her love relationship with the television producer and director, Marcelo Gama, with whom she has been dating for two years.

“I am happy, I think you know that, I believe that everything fell as it had to fall... everything fell at the right time. God always knows what is best for you. And he looks at how things went: I had my children, they graduate, I stay alone in Los Angeles, I go back to Miami, I find love”, Dianara expressed.

The television presenter also reaffirmed that she is in a stage of great joy by saying: "I'm happy, I'm enjoying a full life."

Likewise, she considers that it was very good for her to have had her children so young and to be able to remake her now that her offspring are independent.

“It's good that I was so young when I won because look at all I've been able to do after… And now that my children are gone, continue rebuilding my life and continue with my career and do things that I like”he asserted.

I was afraid of falling in love again

A week ago, Dayanara Torres gave an interview to the "Primera Hora" program, where she revealed the fears she felt about feeling love for a partner again.

"One is always afraid of falling in love again, especially when you go through such strong, humiliating, sad things... But, at the same time, I did not want to give power to that episode that has nothing to do with me, nor that it governs my life and my vision for the future or my vision for love, "said Torres.

Dayanara recalled how long ago she got divorced, what she felt at the time, and what she learned from everything that has happened to her in love over the years.

“I got divorced 19 years ago, I was much more afraid (…) At this moment I say: 'total, what happened in my life, what it gave me was tools to know what I want, what I will never let go of and what I'm never going to accept, so it's perfect for me." express.

In that interview, she stressed that her relationship with Gama is living "to the full" because he is a man who makes her feel good and wants her success.

“This wonderful man arrives, who for the first time is a person who sees me, who wants to see me succeed…”he commented.

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