Day of the Dead festival begins in Oaxaca 2023

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In the state of Oaxaca started the Day of the Dead festival with altars in public squares and gastronomic displays, as well as sand mats and variety of activities.

One of the events busiest It is the sample of altars and bread of the dead of the 16 cultures and the Afro-Mexican peoplewhere each ethnic group makes an ancestral representation of their traditions to remember those who have already left.

It stands out in representations, culinary art and gastronomy, where each of the regions They show their typical dishes on their altars, where You can not miss the characteristic black mole, or the 7 colored moles of Oaxaca, in addition to the types of bread of the dead that are made in an artisanal way in each community to serve as an offering to the dead.

For example, in the municipality of Santiago Chazumba an offering was placed on the goat that served as food and that, according to tradition, will serve as a pack animal to take souls to heaven.

"The food is prepared with goat and lamb meat, poultry meat or red meat cannot be given because It is an insult to the deceased"

Among the altars placed, it stood out that of San Juan Copala of the Triqui ethnic group, where it was remembered to the victims of the clashes that has been reported in that area for the territory dispute.

On the altars you can see traditional elements such as bread of the dead (Oscar Rodriguez)
On the altars you can see traditional elements such as bread of the dead (Oscar Rodriguez)

In addition to these altars, in the corridor of the Government Palace was created a monumental rug 100 meters longwhich was prepared by 45 students and people from diverse communities.

The mat represents a rich and vibrant iconographya manifestation of the memory, history and identity of who participated in its creation.

Every figure, symbol and color tells a unique story that is woven into the plot of this artistic expression. In its preparation, native materials such as sand, lime, marigold flower and candles were used.

This mat, placed in the corridors of the Government Palace, was inspired by the plastic artist Efrain Morales, and seeks to create a message of brotherhood where it seeks to integrate society with culture and art with education.

"This mat will serve as a path so that the souls can descend to the earthly part and coexist with the living."

Morales explained that before the mats They were very common in the patios of the houses, but today HE elaborated in public squares, and in the portals of the government palace, which before It was a space occupied by marches and protests, but now it is a forum and space for promote culture and art.

Prior to the start of the event, a a parade of living sculptures that left the vicinity of the Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán to the main square of the city of Oaxaca, with the purpose of show artistic interpretations that frame the festivities of the faithful departed.


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