David Faitelson's mother remains in Israel despite conflict: She was alone

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Journalist David Faitelson, who in the coming weeks will join the ranks of Televisa in TUDNrrevealed that his 83-year-old mother is in Israel, prey to the armed conflict that is in his native country.

The controversial commentator has been in many spaces on different platforms to talk about the transition of companies that he will make after leaving ESPN to join the Chapultepec company.

Although it is not official yet, Faitelson will be on Televisa screens in the following weeks, Well, he decided to accept the job offer they made him there and in the last days of September he said goodbye to the call World leader.

It is well known that David was born in Israel and has already told the story of his family, which is why his mother, along with some other relatives, resides in the nation that is currently in the middle of an armed conflict.

What happened to David Faitelson's mother?

More than a week after the conflict began in Israel and the Gaza StripDavid Faitelson revealed that his mother is in his native country despite the outbreak of the complicated situation that the Israeli population faces.

In interview with the program First hand, of TV imagethe sports commentator said that the moment the armed conflict began, his mother was alone in her house, because her family was in Mexico.

"My mother is an 83 year old person. Just when this new episode of violence broke out, she was alone. The first hours were very complicated because, imagine, an 83-year-old person, the sirens; "The rockets detonated in the air," Faitelson said about his mother's situation.

David Faitelson described his possible arrival at Televisa as a "great challenge" (Imago7)

According to David's words, his sister, who lives in Israel with her mother, was in Mexico on vacation, but returned to the Israeli nation due to the situation, but it took a while to do so, since "she was stranded in Madrid for two days."

A few days ago, the Mexican government, through Sedena, repatriated two groups of compatriots who were on Israeli soil, which is why Faitelson tried to bring his mother with him, but she decided to stay.

"At some point we tried to get my mother out, we saw that the Mexican government supported with an airlift. I spoke with her and she told me 'My son, if they take me out into the street and at some point I have to run or hide, I can't. So I have less risk if I stay in the (safety) room.' We decided to let him stay," she explained.

Faitelson clarified that her mother has security measures to ensure her health, since she suffers from some chronic diseases, which is why she determined that she is safer at home.


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